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2023-11-03 18:38
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※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version.

Weapon Shape

※ Weapon Shapes can be acquireed through summoning/Fuse, etc.
※ You can acquire Weapon Shapes of the same type as the equipment type that characters can equip.
※ Weapon Shapes are shared among characters within the same account.


No. Category Details
1 Weapon Shape List The Weapon Shapes you possess are shared among jobs that use the same type of Weapon within the same account.
2 Possession Effect
  • Depending on the number of acquireed Weapon Shapes, you can check the possession effect status.
  • Possession effects are shared among jobs that use the same type of Weapon within the same account.
3 Weapon Shape Info You can view information about the currently selected Weapon Shape in the list.
  • Weapon Shape ↔ Equipped Weapon Shape
  • Weapon Shape name / description
  • Effects 
4 Applied Image
You can check the Shape information of the currently selected Weapon Shape.
5 Equip Equip the currently selected acquireed Weapon Shape.
  • When equipped, the Weapon Shape effects are applied.


No. Category Details
1 Weapon Shape that can be used for Fuse If you acquire the same Weapon Shape two or more times, you can use them as Fuse materials.
The Weapon Shape you select from the list will be registered as the left material.
2 Weapon Shapes that will be used for Fuse You can use four Weapon Shapes of the same grade as materials for Fuse.
3 Rate Info When you proceed with Fuse using the registered materials, you can see the probability information of the Weapon Shape you can acquire.
4 Fuse Button Touch the Fuse button to proceed with Fuse.
Weapon Shapes used as materials for Fuse will disappear.
5 Fuse All Button
Proceed with Fuse All by using up all the selected grades.


Acquireed Weapon Shapes that are Heroic grade and higher are not immediately acquired and are moved to the Confirm tab.

No. Category Details
1 Info
2 Remaining Replacement
Wait Time / Change Chances
When registered in the confirmed tab, there is a 7-day waiting period for replacement.
Once the waiting period expires, further replacements are not possible, and only confirmations are allowed.
There's a limited number of replacement attempts, and once they're all used, further replacements are not possible.
3 Change Button Proceed with replacement by consuming a certain currency.
It will be replaced with a different Weapon Shape of the same grade.
Shape that has appeared once during the replacement process will not appear again.
4 Confirm Button Confirm and acquire the currently selected Shape.
If you already possess the Shape, it will be acquireed as a Fuse-available material. 
5 Possession Status You can check how many duplicates of the selected Shape you possess.


No. Category Details
1 Change Shape
You can change the Image of the currently equipped Shape to another Shape.
When changing the Image, the effects of the equipped Shape will remain while only the Image changes.
An applied Image will have an applied Image indicator in the upper right corner of its icon.
2 Hide Shape
Hide the Image of the currently equipped Shape.
The Image of the currently equipped equipment will be shown.
While in 'Hide Shape' mode, the text 'Image Hidden' will be displayed in the 'Shape' tab.

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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