[Game-Guide] Grades and Options

2023-11-02 11:44
This is Darkgamer Game Guide.
You may check detailed explanation below. 

※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version.

Equipment, Sculptures, Monster Cards, Buddies, Weapon Shapes and etc are separated with Grade according to stats or rarity.
Each Grade is color coded with colors below.

 Grade Colors 
Grade Common Uncommon Rare Heroic Legendary Mythic Unique

 Grades applied 
Category Grade
Equipment Common / Uncommon / Rare / Heroic / Legendary / Mythic / Unique
Sculpture Average / Fine / Superb
Monster Card Common / Uncommon / Rare / Heroic / Legendary
Buddy/Shape Common / Uncommon / Rare / Heroic / Legendary / Mythic

  Options and Effects

  Equipment Options 
- Equipments have Basic Stats, Basic Options, Polish Options, and Enhance Potentials.

NO 항목 Details
1 기본 능력치 ATK이나 DEF으로 이루어진 기본 능력치
2 기본 옵션 장비 아이템에 기본적으로 붙은 부가적인 옵션  
3 세공 옵션 [장비 개조] > [세공]을 진행하면 붙는 옵션
4 강화 잠재능력 특정 강화 단계를 달성하면 획득하는 옵션

  Sculpture Effect 
- Sculptures have [Placement Effect] and [Display Effect].

No. Category Details
1 Placement Effect Sculptures Stat when it is Placed
2 Display Effect Activated effect when set of Sculptures are Displayed
  Monster Card Effect 
- [Equip Effect] is applied when Monster Card is equipped.
- Equip Effect is enforced when Monster Card is Enhanced.

  Buddy/Shape Effect 
- Buddy/Shapes have Summon/Equip Effect and Ownership Effect.
  • Summon/Equip Effect : Applied when Summoned/Equipped
  • Ownership Effect : Applied by number of same Grade Buddy/Shape is owned.

 Item Types and Bounds
 Various items are categorized with different usage and characteristics.
 In your item inventory, there are Bound and Unbound items. Bound items are not tradeable through the Exchange.

Category Exchangeable (Exchange) Storable (Account Storage)
Unbound O O
Accont Bound X O
Character Bound X X

NO Category Details
1 Item Name Display name of the item. Shows (Character) if it is character bound, (Account) if it is account bound.
Type/Bounds Displays type of item and whether if it is bound.

Unbound items can be traded via Exchange.
  Bound items cannot be traded.
Account Bound, Unbound items can be transferred to Storage

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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