Project 2024
Project 2024 A Journey Toward Greater Adventure

Introducing some major updates
coming soon in Moonlight Sculptor: Dark Gamer.
World Scramble World Scramble, where only the top 2 guilds from each server can apply.

Vie for the greatest guild in East Rosheim and obtain enormous rewards!
※ Q1 Update
Housing System Grow through various activities in your own house!

Decorate the house with furniture and fill your Collection Book. Use the residential area for gathering and fishing as well!
※ Q2 Update
New Class Lancer Powerful attacker. Subdues the enemy using long-range attacks and damage-boosting skills.

Gunslinger Uses a special firearm, dealing physical damage from afar, and supports the party with powerful buffs.
※ Scheduled: Lancer Q1, Gunslinger Q3
Sol Canyon A new map exclusive to high-level players from each server.

Defeat powerful bosses and obtain rare rewards. Currency obtained by defeating the enemies can be exchanged for various items.
Matching server is changed each time.
※ Q1 Update
International Battlefield A battle between nations with new maps, new rules, and a new matching system.

Team up with adventurers who were once your foes and join the fight for your country!
※ Q4 Update
Seth's Labyrinth A new field for parties with upgraded rewards.

Adventure in parties and forge new friendships!
※ Q1 Update
Guild Contents Growing together with a guild.

Work together with your guildies and gather various materials from different contents.
Get your hands on items like Boss Summon Tickets, Guild Sculptures, and guild equipment to grow alongside your guild.
※ Q1 Update
Legendary Equipment Legendary equipment boasting powerful attack capabilities!

Only the powerful adventurers can obtain Legendary equipment. Compete and win the challenge of crafting Legendary equipment.
※ Q1 Update
New Chapter New maps for Chapters 5 & 6 coming soon in subsequent order.

Countless quests and powerful monsters await you in the new regions.
Join the adventure to obtain new Monster Cards and materials for a greater you.
※ Scheduled: Ch.5 Q1, Ch.6 Q3
Convenience System Class Change System Try another class for a change!

Codex System Renewal
  • Region reward
  • Teleport feature to monster's location
  • Added individual monster reward!
  • Be sure to check the monsters already registered.
※ Q1 Update