06/05 Update Patch Note (Added 06/12)

2024-06-05 12:00

Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 06/05 Regular Maintenance

 Update Patch Note

 1. Event Dungeon <Bellona Isle>
  • Event Dungeon only opens during Event Period : 6/5 ~ 6/19 (2 Weeks)
  • Dungeon can be entered for 1 Hours per day (Resets at 04:00 UTC+8)
  • Whetstone, Jewel, Magnite, Quartzite, Soulstone, Special Event Card Pack, and Blue Starfish is dropped
  • Blue Starfish Collection Event is added
  • Bellona Isle can be entered through method below
    • Menu > Dungeon > Special Region
 2. Character Storage
  • A Storage that stores item per Character
  • Can be accessed through NPC beside Storage Keeper
  • Provides 25 Slots basically, and can be expanded to 150 Slots
 3. Requet Coin
  • Used to complete Requests immediately
  • Require more amount to complete higher grade Requests
Request Grade Amount of Coins Req.
S 3
A 2
B 1
 4. Asmodeus Suppression Reward Change
  • Resplendent Magnite / Resplendent Quatzite / Resplendent Mana Crystal is no longer dropped
  • Versa Design Piece, Altiar Equipment drop rate is increased
  • Heroic Grade Relic, Palace/Alphard Equipment, Angelic Tear/Mageia Accessory have been added to Drop List.

 5. Sol Canyon / Spiren's Twilight Explicit Equipment
  • Explicit Equipment that only drops in Sol Canyon & Spiren's Twilight area has been added
  • Relevant Collection Book is also added
Uncommon Grade Equipment

Sol Pious Greatsword

Sol Pious Sword

Sol Pious Bow

Sol Pious Staff

Sol Pious Chisel

Sol Pious Spear

Sol Pious Helmet

Sol Pious Armor

Sol Pious Gloves

Sol Pious Cloak

Rare Grade Equipment

Armed Infantry Greatsword

Armed Infantry Sword

Armed Infantry Bow

Armed Infantry Staff

Armed Infantry Chisel

Armed Infantry Spear

Armed Infantry Helmet

Armed Infantry Armor

Armed Infantry Gloves

Armed Infantry Cloak

Heroic Grade Equipment

Night Ghost Helmet

Night Ghost Armor

Night Ghost Gloves

Night Ghost Cloak

Night Ghost Necklace

Night Ghost Earring

Night Ghost Ring

 6. Guild Power Material
  • Material Item to power-up Guild Power can be acquired
  1. Crest of Solidarity : Level Up Guild Power
  2. Harmonious Crystal : Level Up Greater Guild Power
  • Material Items are stored in Guild Storage after being acquired
  • Guild Power Materials can be acquired from sources below
※ Guild Power System will open after June 2nd Update
  • Guild Raid: Crest of Solidarity can be acquired according to number of participants, Harmonious Crystal is acquired after completing Guild Raid
Material Item Amount Mountain Ghost Nightmare Wyvern's Nest Sealed Sea Serpent Underground Palace
Crest of Solidarity
(Per Participant)
1 2 3
Harmonious Crystal
(Per Boss)
- 1 2
  • Guild Hunting Ground: Crest of Solidarity can be acquired by same rate in all floors
  • Scramble: Participation and Rank Reward
            ※ Scramble Participation Reward can only be acquired after finishing with more than 10,000 Points in Scramble
    • Participation Reward
Scramble Type Crest of Solidarity Amount
World Scramble 20
Rosheim East Fortress 10
Isias Dessert 5
Border Area Central Forest 3
  • Rank Reward
Scramble Type Rank Harmonious Crystal Amount
World Scramble 1 40
2 20
3 15
4 10
5 5
Rosheim East Fortress 1 5
2 3
3 2
4 1
5 1
 7. New Unique Grade Relic : Seal & Pendant
  • 2 New Unique Grade Relics have been added
  • Achievements have been added accordingly
Arpen Imperial Seal

Dawn Seal

Versa's Seal
Arpen Imperial Pendant

Dawn Pendant

Versa's Pendant
8. In-game Notice System
  • Button to view Game Notice has been added at top right of the Game Screen
  • Official Page Notice can be viewed
 1. Material Item Grade Change
  • 'Resplendant Breath', 'Resplendent Soulstone' Grade has been changed from 'Uncommon' to 'Rare'.
 2. Party 'Follow' Function Improvement
  • Targetting now also follows 'Follow' Character
  • In Dispute area, Targetting changes according to 'Follow' Character regardless of Character/Monster
 3. Guild Storage Notification Change
  • When Guild Items are acquired, Guild Storage tab shows notification, not the entire Guild Menu
 4. Request Reward Rate Info
  • Request Reward Rate Info per Request can now be browsed
 5. Exchange Sell tab
  • Sold item is now displayed on top of Sell Tab
 6. Furniture Dismantle
  • Amount can be selected when dismantling Furnitures
 7. Residence Display
  • Display list in Residence is now displayed in descending performance order

 8. Residence Gather visibility Improvement
  • Completed Gathers are now displayed in Completion Icon

 9. Image only Weapon/Armor Shape & Buddy Improvement
  • Image only Shapes and Buddies are now displayed as Image only item

 10. Craft UI Improvement
  • Material amount change is displayed immediately.

 11. Remaining Debuff Time Improvement
  • Remaining Debuff Time visibility has been improved

 12. Boss Binding Stone after Leaving Guild
  • Boss Binding Stone possessed by Character is deleted when leaving Guild
 Bug Fix

  • Receiving Fishing related Guild Mission no longer exits game abnormally

  • Stellaport function correctly after participating in Scourge Canyon

  • Boss Binding Stone now highlights correctly if crafting is available

  • Displayed Sculptures now displays correctly after entering Residence

  • Checked Whisper records are no longer displayed after reconnecting to the game

  • Other Class Items no longer seldomly de-highlights

  • Character now correctly moves forward when using v-pad

  • Next day of 7-Day Mission Event now unlocks correctly

  • Finished Guild Raid no longer outputs system message

  • PK records no longer display Guild that Character already left

  • Repeat Collection Book no longer show item already registred after being disabled

  • Residence region 'Safe' sign is correctly displayed on minimap

  • BGM correctly plays in Android OS environment while downloading resources

  • Sculpture Menu now correctly resets previously selected tab

  • #Hunt item source correctly displays Item and Monster that drops selected item

  • Residence front yard can be accessed correctly

  • Field terrain now correctly displays in many Android environment

  • 'Revenge' now functions correctly after Character Name Change

  • Guild CP Rank is displayed correctly below Rank 50 

  • Party no longer disassembles after suppressing Bosses of Marias's Cave F4,5
 Known Bugs

  • CP change from newly registered Collection Book is seldomly applying abnormally.
  • Clicking Help ("?") Button in Class Change UI leading to Buddy Guide. 
  • Newly added Relics (Pendant, Seal) not counting enhance related missions in Growth Guide. (Added 06/05)
  • Craft Tab scroll resetting when acquiring item while in Craft UI. (Added 06/07)
  • During the June Moster Missions event, there is an issue where the kills of monsters in [World]Marisa's Cave 3F are not being counted towards the mission completion. (Added 06/12)

 Others & Maintenance Reward

  • Guild EXP Double Event has been extended to 06/19 22:59
◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 06/07 22:59 UTC+8 (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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