[Announcement] 2023 Update Plans

2023-10-31 11:36
Hello Adventurers,

This is notice on upcoming update plans until the end of the year.
Our updates until October after global launch mainly focused on high-level users and PvP.
Starting from November, updates focusing on growth-related content, life-related content, and convenience features are scheduled.

Update Plans

1. Additional quests for growth
  • A substantial amount of sub-quests to assist in leveling up will be added.
  • Through quests, you can obtain not only Darkgamer's hidden stories but also various achievements and items to aid in growth.
2. Class balance
  • Improvements will be made to the skills and balance of several classes.
3. Monster card balance improvement
  • Improvements will be made to the stats of some monster cards.
4. Improvement of highly enhanced items
  • few high level enhanced items' stats will be improved.
  • Success rate of Blessed Scrolls will be improved to achieve higher enhancement levels.
  • Addition of Cursed Scrolls
5. Blueprints for crafting, fishing, and gathering items
  • Blueprints for items that help in crafting, fishing, gathering, and related collection book will be added.
6. Marias's Cave Revamp
  • Addition of World Marias's Cave floors, and improvements on EXP gain, reward items, etc.
  • In the World Marias (Dispute), a substantial amount of EXP can be gained.
7. Improvement of Spiren's Night
  • Adjustment of monster levels, EXP, and addition of highly efficient hunting areas.

8. Addition of exchangeable items using separate currencies
  • Items exchangeable with Guild Insignias, Order Accomplishments, and Kingdom Tokens, and corresponding collection book will be added.
9. Improvement of the Arena
  • Addition of function to allow Arena to continuously be played automatically for a certain period of time.
10. Improvement of Membership Benefits
  • Addition of fishing and gathering-related abilities to membership.
11. Addition of PC payment function

12. Addition of Server migration function

13. Improvement of scan function
  • Improvement to allow various options for scan function.

Contents goal to be added in December (schedules may be subject to change in the future)

1. Armor shapes: Armor shapes that allows various appearances is planned to be added.
<Armor shapes Preview>
 2. Scramble Type Addition
  • Addition of Scramble type not solely dependent on PK.
3. Addition of hunting grounds for high-level users
<Someone's Resting Place>
4. Various other feature enhancements and bug fixes
P.S. Separately, Valhalla will be reintroduced with several improvements, including immunity to attacks from Adventurers from same server.
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