June Update Preview by KimPD

2024-06-01 00:00
Hello, this is Darkgamer KimPD.

Here is an update announcement for the Darkgamer in June!

June Update

Addition of New Class all Adventurers have been waiting for: Gunslinger! (2nd Update)
  • A Class that does high powered range damage to eliminate enemies
  • Class Change Event will also open with Gunslinger release

Addition of Event Dungeon (1st Update)
  • Event Dungeon only opens during event period
  • Crimson Temple EXP Amount + Guild Hunting Ground Gold Amount
  • Other Item drops like Whetstone,Jewel, Magnite, Soulstone, Quartzite
  • 'Blue Starfish' that only drops in Event Dungeon that can be exchanged to other various items

Addition of Guild Power (1st, 2nd Update)
  • Power System that all Guild Members can contribute to power-up
  • Material drops begin after 1st Update, and System is released after 2nd Update

Addition of Alchemy System (2nd Update)
  • Combine multiple items to acquire equal or higher grade items
  • Special items can be acquired through alchemy

Improvement to Regional (Server) Scramble (2nd Update)
  • Teleporting is disabled & Boss location change and addition

Other Miscellaneous Improvements
  • Addition of Special Boss to Spiren's Courtyard (2nd Update)
  • Addition of various item acquire methods like Fishing Net Chest (2nd Update)
  • Addition of Chapter 5 Boss Binding Stone (2nd Update)
  • Addition of Request Coin (Complete Requests Instantly) (1st Update)
  • Addition of In-game Notice (Check Official page notices in-game) (1st Update)
  • Addition of Storage bound to each Characters (1st Update)

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