Customer Service Center Error

2024-05-29 16:34
Hello Adventurers,
This is CM Eve of <Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer>
We have noticed a Inquiry Ticket Storage Server Error in Customer Service Center from 05/27 (Mon) 16:30 ~ 05/28 (Tue) 11:10 UTC +8, and submitted inquiries have gone missing.
The issue has been fixed after 05/28 (Tue) 11:10 UTC +8, and all later submitted Inquires are normal, but we are sorry to inform you that inquiries submitted between error are lost, and are difficult for us to answer and help Adventurers who have submitted inquiries. 
Even if it is a hassle, we would like to ask Adventurers who have submitted inquiries in the set timeframe to re-submit their inquiries through in-game Customer Service.
We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused by Customer Service Centre error,
and promise to help and reply to all Adventurers who submit their inquiries again as fast as possible.
Thank You.
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