World Scramble Error Compensation (Added 23:45)

2024-05-26 23:00

Hello Adventurers, 

Due to error caused in World Scramble, compensation will be distributed shortly.

For compensation distribution, Server Transfer has been temporarily disabled, and Server Transfer will be continued & extended once compensation has been completely distributed. 

Meanwhile, we advice not to disassemble or leave the Guild to obtain World Scramble Reward.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused in World Scramble.





World Scramble Compensation

1. Compensation Target

 - All Guilds registered to 05/26 World Scramble


2. Compensation

 - 3500 Guild Coins

 - 50,000 Guild Insignia

 - 8 Versa Design Piece Selection Chests

 - 1 Altair Equipment Selection Chest

 - 2 Alphard Weapon Selection Chests

 - 5 Alphard Armor Selection Chests

 - 2 Roaring Nature Binding Stones

 * Above are equivalent to World Scramble Rank 1 Reward, and Reward Butterfly (Exchange fee brought to World Scramble from Each Servers are also returned to Each Guild)


3. Reward Distribution

- Distribution complete bvefore 23:40 (UTC +8). Please reconnect to check Mailbox. (Given to Guild Leaders)


We apologize for inconvenience caused by error in World Scramble.


We will try our best to provide quality service.


Thank You.

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