05/23 Non-Maintenance Update Patch

2024-05-23 18:50
Hello Adventurers,

This is a notice about non-maintenance update patch that was conducted on 05/23.
Please refer to the details below.

- Finished at 2024/05/23 (Thu) 17:50 (UTC+8)

 Target Server
- All Servers

 Update Details
- Contents of 'Farming Energy Chest' have been changed to Account Bound State
- Chest Rate Info displaying contents as unbound items will be fixed in later maintenance update.

Additionally we have prepared a small gift for all adventurers who have been confused of bound state of Chest Contents.
Gift is sent via mail, and can be checked after re-connecting to the game.

We will try our best to provide quality gaming experience to all Adventurers.
Thank You.
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