05/22 Update Patch Note (Added 05/24)

2024-05-22 13:00

Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 05/22 Regular Maintenance

 Update Patch Note

 1. Residence
  • Build Your own Residence, invite and visit other Adventurers
  • You may do following actions in Residence
      >Collocate various furnitures to decorate your unique Residence
      >View Adventurers who visited your Residence
      >Manage Fishing Spots, Mines, and Farm facility and collect resources
1. After reaching 100% Gather rate, resource material item can be acquired
      2. Each Facility can be upgraded to match Residence Lv. and amount of item that are produced increases after upgrade
      3. Gold is consumed to upgrade facility
      >Furniture Storage and Dismantling
      1. Once acquired, Furnitures are stored in Furniture Storage
      2. Furnitures of Rare Grade and below can be dismantled to acquire materials to craft Furniture Summon Ticket
      >Furniture Summon Ticket can be acquired through 'Craft'
      1. Exclusive materials are required to craft Furniture Summon Ticket
Item Name Craft Material
Ordinary Furniture Chest - Timber Log x20
- Breath x10
Shiny Furniture Chest - Timber Log x50
- Shiny Glass Shard x15
- Shiny Breath x5
- Power Shard x5
Rresplendent Furniture Chest - Timber Log x100
- Shiny Glass Shard x30
- Sunstone of Ru x3
- Shiny Breath x5
- Shiny Power Shard x1
      2. Exclusive Materials can be acquired in All World Content, and in all floors of Marias's Cave
        > Low Grade Furnitures can be used to craft Challenge Chet to acquire Higher Grade Furniture
Challenge Chest Craft Material
Heroic Furniture Challenge Chest - Rare Furnitures x5
- Timber Log x50
- Shiny Glass Shard x15
Legendary Furniture Challenge Chest - Heroic Furnitures x5
Timber Log x100
Shiny Glass Shard x30
Sunstone of Ru x3
Legendary Furniture Change Chest - Legendary Furniture x1
Sunstone of Ru x10
     >Level exist in Residence, and additional stats can be acquired with increase in Lv.
      1. Residence EXP can be acquired through completing Residence Collection Book or collecting resources in Facilities
      2. After acquiring all EXP required to upgrade, Residence can be upgraded with Upgrade Material consumption
     >New Catetory is added to Collection Book
      1. Category name is Residence
      2. Registered item to Collection Book disappears
      3. Various Stats, Rewards and/or Residence EXP can be acquired by completing Collection Book
     >Various effects can be applied by displaying Weapon/Armor Shapes and Buddies in Residence - Display
      1. Various Stats related to Residential Area can ba acquired
      2. Completed Sets can be placed to be displayed in Residence

      ※ Please Refer to Residence Guide (Link) 

 2. 6th Server Transfer
  • Server Transfer Schedule : 2024.05.22 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 2024.05.26 (Sun) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Transfer Count : 3 Tansfers
  • Transfer Ticket Sales Duration : 2024/05/22 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 2024/05/25 (Sat) 22:59
  • Purchase Limit: Corresponding to Server Transfer Count
      ※ Please refer to Server Transfer Guide (Link)

 3. Scourge Canyon
  • In-Server Content, not World Content
  • Scheduled at 19:00 ~ 21:00 Every Tuesday, Wednesday (UTC+8)
  • Minimum Entrance CP is 30,000
  • Entrance Conidtion : After Completing Quest [Main][Chapter 3] 1-1. Dark Gamer's Whereabouts.
  • Can be entered through [Dungeon] - [Special Region]
  • Can Acquire Heroic Grade Equipment of following:
     >Water Night Equipment
     >Acrab Equipment
     >Spika Equipment
  • Rare Craft Materials including Abyssal Energy Piece, Destructive Energy Piece, Arpen Design Piece and etc can be acquired
      ※ Please refer to Scourge Canyon Guide (Link)

 4. Weapon Restoration Event
  • Weapon Restoration Ticket can be acquired through Check-In Event
  • Target Item: Weapon/Sub-weapon lost through Enhance Failure between 2024/01/24 After Maintenance ~ 05/22 Before Maintenance
  • Only Orb of Heroic Grade and Above, and Iron Orb of Rare Grade is included in Weapon Restoration Target
  • Craft Recipe to exchange Refusion Ticket/Restoration Ticket distributed after 05/08 Maintenance is added
  • Refusion/Restoration Tickets distributed before 05/08 has been removed
      ※ Please refer to Weapon Restoration Event Notice '(Link)

5. New Buddy
  • Following New Buddies and corresponding Possession Effects has been added

Rare Heroic Legendary Mythic
Blue Lindworm Moonstone Tarae Death Crow Lich Shire
Naga Honor Guard Sunflower Pirippo Royan Apis
  Amber Tarae Piati  
Vacation Pirippo Draco

6. Spiren's Night & Spiren's Twilight Drop Improvement
  • Relics that drop in Spiren's Night & Spiren's Twilight has been added
RegionMonsterItem Name
Spiren's Night
Spiren's Twilight
All Belt of Struggle
Bracelet of Abundance
Brooch of Abundance
Sol's Holy Treasure
Viking Bracelet
Great Pirate Belt
Ossenus Holy Treasure
Bracelet of Release
Spiren's Twilight Gnoll The Enlightened One's Brooch
Virtuous Divine Brooch
Dwarf The Enlightened One's Bracelet
Virtuous Divine Belt

7. New Stat
  • New Stat can be viewed in Stat > Details
  • Newly Added Stats are following:
    • ATK Offset: decreases ATK stat applies to Character when hit (Defense Stat)
    • Ignore DEF: Ignores DEF Stat that is applied to DMG calculation when hit (Attack Stat)

8. Butterfly Double Event
  • Once per Butterfly Product, Once Per Account, Butterfly is doubled on purchase
  • Event Period: 05/22 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 06/05 (Wed) Before Maintenance
    ※ Plesae refer to New Product Notice

9. PC Mileage Double Event
  • PC Mileage is doubled during Event Period
  • Event Period: 05/22 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 06/05 (Wed) Before Maintenance
※ Some Products are excluded from this event
 10. Guild EXP Double Event
  • Extra 100% Guild EXP can be gained during Event Period
  • Event Period: 05/22 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 06/05 (Wed) Before Maintenance
 1. Valhalla Improvement
  • Ch.0 and Ch.0 is changed to Safe Channel (No PVP)
    • Field Bosses are not spawned in Safe Channel (Geirskogul, Torido, Bloodyclaw)
  • Other Channels remain Free Channel, and PVP is allowed freely
  • Field Boss HP in Valhalla is increased
 2. Lavias Region Codex Kill Count Change
  • Following Boss Monster Boss Kill Count has been decreased
Boss NamePrevious Kill CountChanged Kill Count
Death Crow 50 30
Regma 50 25
 3. Lich Shire Emerge Time Improvement
  • Lich Shire Emerge time has been modified to not overlap with major content
  • Item drops have been improved in Lich Shire Raid
 4. World Scramble Balance Modification
  • Following Monster HP has been increased
    • Target Monster : Golden Goblin. Etin, Cyclops, Oren
 5. Sol Canyon Reward Improvement
  • Following Heroic Grade Equipment is added to Sol Canyon Drops
      1. Water Night Equipment
      2. Acrab Equipment
      3. Spika Equipment
 6. Helios Chest Improvement
  • Medal and Orb Item is added to Helios Chest Reward crafted after 05/22 (Wed) Update
          ※ Chests crafted before 05/22 Update do not contain Orb and Medal
  • Added Medal and Orb is following
  1. Guide's Medal (Character)
  2. Verdant Forest Orb (Character)
 7. Buddy Feed Improvement
  • Regions that drop special materials with Buddy Feed and Premium Buddy Feed is added
RegionFeed TypeItem Name
Serraborg Castle,
Twisted Abyss,
Scramble (World Included)
Indoor Area
Buddy Feed Fiber (Account)
Wood (Account)
Iron Ore (Account)
Stone (Account)
Premium Buddy Feed SoulStone (Character)
Quartzite (Character)
Magnite (Character)
WhetStone (Character)
Jewel (Character)
Mana Crystal (Character)
Mana Essence (Character)
Elemental Essence (Character)
Scourge Canyon Buddy Feed Fiber (Account)
Wood (Account)
Iron Ore (Account)
Stone (Account)
Premium Buddy Feed Grind Powder (Character)
Destructive Energy Fragment (Character)
Bloodyclaw's Banquet Buddy Feed Warrior's Remain (Character)
Premium Buddy Feed Breath (Character)
Abyssal Energy Fragment (Character)

 8. Other Improvement
  • Gather no longer stops when ON/OFF ing Auto Hunt while Gathering
  • Remaining Time to disable hostility between Guild is now displayed
  • Modify Equipment button is disabled after Locking the Equipment
  • Remaining Dungeon Time is displayed in Power-Save Mode
 Bug Fix

 1. Arena Rank Color displaying Incorrectly
  • Arena Rank Color now displays correctly
 2. Armor Shape and Weapon Shape sharing Red-dot Alarm
  • Red-dot Alarm no longer happens on both Shapes simultaneously
 3. Menu UI activating after double clicking Character in Scan List
  • Menu UI no longer activates
 4. New Sculpture Notification displaying on other Sculptuer
  • New Sculpture Notification correctly displays on new Sculpture
 5. Teleporting to Monster Location not functioning in specific location
  • Teleporting to Monster location through Codex correctly function
 6. Lancer Essence not included in Collection Event Reward
  • Lancer Skill Essence is added to Collection Event

 7. Dragging +, - Button in Chest UI changing amount to maximum
  • Amount no longer changes to maximum amount

 8. Gather progress UI displaying on top of Menu
  • Gather progress UI no longer displays on top of Menu

 9. Fishing Rod not being able to be equipped after trying to fish with bait with Fishing Rod unequipped
  • Fishing Rod can be equipped

 10. Progress Bar UI not disappearing if interacting at completion moment
  • Progress bar now correctly disappear

 11. Gold being displayed as 999,999,999 in Power Save Mode
  • Gold now correctly displays

 12. UI display error in EXP recover Button and Lucky Roullette Button
  • Black Border no longer displays in UI above
◈  Known Bugs

  • CP change from newly registered Collection Book is seldomly applying abnormally.
  • Certain terrain not displaying correctly in Android OS environement.
  • Clicking Help ("?") Button in Class Change UI leading to Buddy Guide. 
  • Game quitting abnormally after starting Fishing Guild Missions.  (Added 05/24)

 Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM of May 24th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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