[Announcement] Blessed Enhance Scroll Improvement Pre-announcement

2023-10-30 14:07
Hello, Adventurers
This is Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer pre-announcement for item Improvement.
1. Application Schedule : After Maintenance of November 22nd 2023
2. Improved Items: Blessed Weapon Enhance Scroll, Blessed Armor Enhance Scroll, Blessed Relic Enhance Scroll
3. Improvement Detail: 
- Separate success rate is applied to 'Great Success' depending on the current enhance level.
- 'Great Success' is applied according to displayed success rate, and it can be checked on the Enhance UI.
- 'Blessed Enhance Scroll' displays both +1 ~ +2 stats before enhancement.
 ※ Stat increased with enhancement is also under improvement separate to this.
 ※ This image was produced under test environment, and visibility can change on final application
 ※ Great Success rate is test-rate and can be changed on final application.
 We will try our best to bring quality service and enjoyable adventures.
 Thank You.
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