Guidance on Restoring Destroyed Refusion Tickets

2024-05-08 19:01
Hello Adventurers!
This is <Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer> CM Eve.
After the maintenance on May 8th (Wednesday), three types of refusion tickets were obtained through an event. However, for adventurers who have destroyed these tickets, we plan to temporarily restore the items.

Please check the details below for more information.

1. Restoration of Destroyed Refusion Tickets
  • Restoration items: Weapon Shape Refusion Ticket (Account), Armor Shape Refusion Ticket (Account), Buddy Refusion Ticket (Account)
  • Restoration criteria: Restoration will be carried out only for Refusion Tickets destroyed from after the maintenance on May 8th (Wed) until 22:59 on May 8th (Wed) (UTC+8)
  • Restoration method: If you have destroyed a Refusion Ticket, please submit an inquiry through our customer service center.

Please note that the Refusion Tickets issued on May 8th (Wednesday) will later be used to create bundles of Summon Tickets.
We hope you take this into consideration to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Thank you to all adventurers using Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer.
We continue to strive to provide a more satisfying service.

Thank you.
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