Japan Region Launch Celebration Community Event Voting Results Announcement

2024-05-03 14:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is <Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer> CM Eve!

Thank you very much to all the adventurers for actively participating in the community event on April 24th (Wednesday) to celebrate the Japan launch of <Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer>!! (❁´◡`❁)

It has been confirmed that over 1,000 adventurers from all community regions have voted, exceeding the maximum voting target. Therefore, adventurers on ALL Servers will receive double the prepared gifts!!👏

Once again, we express our gratitude to all the adventurers who participated.
Eve will continue to bring various community events with great rewards, so we ask for your continued interest and love!
Please refer to the details below.

[Japan Region Launch Celebration Community Event Voting Results]

☆ Event rewards
Recipients of the Reward Reward Item
All adventurers Banquet Hall Ticket x 2
Resplendent Summon 11 Selection Chest (Character) x 4
Uncommon Craft Material Selection Chest (Character) x 200
Gold Ingot (Character) x 200
Enhance Scroll Selection Chest (Character) x 400
Falling-In-Love Sunglasses Summon Ticket (Character) x 1
※ More than 1,000 adventurers (All regions combined) participated, and all items will be distributed in double the original quantities.

☆ Reward Distribution Date
 - Rewards will be sent through the in-game mailbox by 18:00 (UTC+8) on May 3rd (Fri). Please restart the game to receive them.
※ Rewards can be claimed until May 10th (Fri, UTC+8) at 22:59.

☆ Special Notes

 - Screenshot of the 'Falling-In-Love Sunglasses'
※ The 'Falling-In-Love Sunglasses' is a cosmetic skin only and does not provide any stats.
※ The acquired skin can be checked under Armor Shape > Image.

☆ Event Precautions
  • Event rewards will be distributed through the account mailbox, and each account can receive it only once.
  • After the reward distribution schedule, the rewards cannot be claimed, and no re-issuance will be possible.
  • If rewards are not visible in the mailbox, please reconnect to verify.
  • For inquiries related to reward distribution, please submit a request through the customer service center.
  • Event Details can be modified under certain circumstances.
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