May Update Preview by KimPD

2024-05-01 00:00
Hello, this is Darkgamer KimPD.
Here is an update announcement for the Darkgamer in May!
May is known as month of home and family in Korea, and here are the Update & Event Plans.

May Update

  1. Addition of Residential Area (Housing) System
    • Various materials and currencies can be acquired through managing Farm, Mine and Fishing Spots in Residential Area
    • Furnitures can be crafted and placed in Home. Furnitures give extra stats
    • Several items that are possessed can be put to display
  2. Valhalla Improvements
    • Reward, Exchangeable items, and miscellaneous convenience improvements
    • Number of Channels are reduced from 15 to 8. Map Property changed from Dispute to Free
  3. World Scramble
    • Addition of New Boss Binding Stone to World Scramble Reward
    • Increased Scramble Reward (including Legendary Design Pieces)
    • Altair Equipment Selection Chest is provided to Rank 5 (All Ranks) in World Scramble
  4. Boss Binding Stone Improvement (Guild)
    • Addition of 3 new Boss Binding Stone
    • New Boss Binding Stones can be acquired in Livias, World Marias, and Spiren's Twilight 
  5. Improved Drop Rate
    • Increased Drop-Rate for higher grade items
  6. Event
    • Refusion Event
    • Weapon Restoration Event
  7. Etc
    • Addition of viewable Notice UI in-game
    • Spiren's Twilight Channel Generation rule change. (Channel is pre-generated regardless of Population)
    • Guild Raid Entrance limit changed to Boss Elimination (Currently at Boss Spawn)
    • Reviving using butterflies while in combat with several Bosses are improved to return minumum participation on revival
    • Common Storage Max Slots are increased from 200 to 250

Please note that Update Schedule can be changed without prior notice due to internal circumstances. Therefore I'm sorry to inform that Free Rotating Camera function update has been postponded to improve its usability before being serviced for better experience.
New field is being designed/developed for Adventurers who cannot participate in Sol Canyon.

Thank You!
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