23/10/25 Update Patch Note

2023-11-21 18:48
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 10/25 Maintenance.
◈ Update Details
1. Addition of World PVP content "Valhalla".
  • Includes the Bloodyclaw's Banquet dungeon.
  • For detailed information such as entry requirements, please check the "Valhalla" guide post.

2. Addition of new dungeon, "Spiren's Night".
  • For detailed information, including entry requirements, please check the "Spiren's Night" guide post.

3. Improvement to "Spiren's Courtyard".
  • Entry requirements for "Spiren's Courtyard" have been changed as follows:
  • Previous: Complete Main][Chapter 2] 4-1 Mirv's Informant.
  • Changed: Complete [Main][Chapter 2] 4-1 Mirv's Informant, CP higher than 25,000.
  • Added rules to return to the previous area if AFK in "Spiren's Courtyard" dungeon for certain period.
  • Added "Peddler Tagon" NPC in "Spiren's Courtyard" dungeon. 
  • Adventurers can exchange certain fishes for random artifacts, materials, and statue blueprints. 
  • Adventurers can also exchange various fishes unique in "Spiren's Courtyard" to various materials and fishing rods.
  • The purchase limit is reset every Monday at 6 a.m., and the required fish for purchase is randomly changed.
  • PK penalties do not apply to PKing Adventurers from different Server. (Guilds with mutual hostility always do not receive PK penalties) 
4. Changes to "Marias's Cave" 5th and 6th floors.
  • PK penalty no longer applies to the 5th and 6th floors of "Marias's Cave."
  • The potion obtainable in the 5th and 6th floor do "Marias's Cave" has changed to "Dense HP Potion".
  • The potion obtainable in the 4th floor of "Marias's Cave" has been changed from "Intermediate HP Recovery Potion" to "Intermediate HP Recovery Potion" and "Dense HP Potion."

  • Entry requirements for "Marias's Cave" have been modified as follows:(Previous CP → Changed CP)
                1F - Secret Cave Entrance (10,000 → 11,000)
                2F - Dismal Underground Waterways (14,000 → 15,000)
                3F - Dead Sailors' Resting Place (18,000 → 22,000)
                4F - Ashen Grave (23,000 → 26,000)
                5F - Golden Undersea Base (27,000 → 32,000)
                6F - Shades of Destruction (30,000 → 40,000)
                [World] 7F - Savage Subspace (31,000 → 42,000)
5. PK Penalties improvement (Mutual hostility)
  • Fame points no longer decrease when guilds are mutually hostile.
6. Addition of New potion
  • A new potion that restores 70 health has been added.
  • Here is the information about this potion:
Dense HP Potion
Recovery Amount: 70
Weight: 0.4
Sold by: Merchant
Price: 150 Gold
Purchase Requirement: Unlocked after completing
Quest:[Main][Chapter 1]6-5. Greedy Bug Queen.
Usage Requirement: Level 50 or higher
7. Adjustment of user-to-user damage correction during PVP.
  • The damage adjustment values applied during character-to-character combat have been adjusted.
8. Addition of content schedule.
  • A content schedule has been added to the right side of the boss schedule, allowing you to check content times.

9. Addition of a miscellaneous shop for outlaws (Chaotic).
  • A shop has been added for outlaws (Chaotic) adventurers who have difficulty using regular shops due to penalties. It will be added in the following areas: Isias Desert, East Rosheim Fortress, Bloodyclaw's's Hideout
10. Addition of "Hostile AoE Attack" setting.
  • A feature has been added that allows you to enable or disable "Hostile AoE Attack" during auto-play via the Settings tab. This feature is initially set to "Off."
11. Changes to the entry requirements for "Guild Hunting Grounds."
  • Entry combat power requirements for "Guild Hunting Grounds" have been modified as follows: (Previous CP → Changed CP)
                Sea Serpent Station B1 8,000 → 11,000
                Sea Serpent Station B2 13,000 → 15,000
                Sea Serpent Station B3 17,000 → 20,000
                Sea Serpent Station B4 19,000 → 22,000
                Sea Serpent Station B5 23,000 → 26,000
                Sea Serpent Station B6 26,000 → 30,000
                Labyrinth Of Destruction B1 8,000 → 11,000
                Labyrinth Of Destruction B2 13,000 → 15,000
                Labyrinth Of Destruction B3 17,000 → 20,000
                Labyrinth Of Destruction B4 19,000 → 22,000
                Labyrinth Of Destruction B5 23,000 → 26,000
                Labyrinth Of Destruction B6 26,000 → 30,000
◈ Improvements
1. Improved dungeon movement convenience.
  • Improved the ability to move from time dungeons like "Crimson Temple" and "Ice Ruins" to the field using boss schedules.
  • Improved the ability to move from time dungeons like "Crimson Temple" and "Ice Ruins" to other time dungeons.
  • Improved the ability to move from time dungeons like "Crimson Temple" and "Ice Ruins" to raid panels.
         ※ Please note that you cannot move to Valhalla, Scramble, or Arena from time dungeons.
         ※ You also cannot move when using party dungeons or world content.
2. Improved guild content rewards.
  • Improved the drop rates for guild dungeons and guild raids.
  • You can now obtain integer-grade rewards even in lower-tier raids.
  • Increased the gold reward amount for guild dungeons.
3. Auto-hunting improvement.
  • Improved auto-hunting to continue even when the communication state changes.
4. Quickslot improvement for potions.
  • Improved the system to prevent hard-to-obtain potions from being used automatically. The list of such potions includes:
                High HP Recovery Potion
                Potion of HP Recovery
                Dense HP Potion
5. Display of maximum values for attack speed and movement speed.
  • Added tooltips to display the maximum values for attack speed and movement speed.
6. Improvement in experience point recovery UI.
  • Clicking the experience point recovery button no longer displays tooltips for currencies.
7. Character tooltip improvement.
  • Character tooltips no longer display stats  that do not affect CP according to the character's class.
8. Enhancement of Mythic-grade acquisition effects.
  • Improved effects for obtaining Mythic-grade buddies and weapon shapes.
9. UI improvements.
  • Gather casting, boss information, and gold/experience gain information no longer overlap the UI.
10. Virtual pad operation enhancement.
  • Improved virtual pad movement to always move at maximum speed.
11. Improvement in life item option descriptions.
  • Improved awkward descriptions for life-related options.
12. Improvement in the quantity display in the [Craft] - [Sculptures] menu.
  • [Craft] - [Sculptures] menu now displays the total quantity, not just the common-grade quantity.
13. Improvement in Fishing acquisition in "Silent Dark Citadel"
  • Improved Fishing acquisition in "Silent Dark Citadel" to obtain Heroic fish.
14. Improvement in Conquest notifications.
  • Improved red dot notifications for Conquest progress and application status.
15. Improvement in Power Saving Mode experience point acquisition.
  • Improved visibility for experience points obtained in Power Saving Mode.
16. Improvement in Monster Card effects that has Cooldown
  • Improved visibility of cooldown for Monster Card effects that applies.
◈ Bug Fixes
1. Fixed items not refreshing in the Exchange.
  • Fixed an issue where Exchange items did not refresh immediately when sold.
2.Fixed duplicate use of the same-grade buff food.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate use of the same-type, same-grade buff food was allowed.
3. Fixed characters moving to a different location during the "Queen's Cave" quest.
  • Fixed an issue where characters would move to a portal when walking to progress in the "Queen's Cave" quest.
4. Fixed display and pricing issues in existing membership products.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on [Event] - [Membership Benefits] would display a membership purchase button and abnormal prices.
5. Fixed movement bug in "Quiet Dark Citadel"
  • Fixed an issue that prevented quest location movement during the progress of the "Quiet Dark Citadel" regional quest based on the completion status of a specific quest.
6. Fixed road display in "Bug Pit"
  • Fixed an issue in the mobile version where some parts of the "Bug Pit" were not visible in mobile version.
7. Fixed exclamation marks displaying on dead target monster.
  • The problem where exclamation marks were still visible on deceased monsters after the quest target monster's death and target release has been corrected.
8. Fixed a discrepancy in guild experience display when entering a world dungeon.
  • The issue where guild experience was displayed prior to donations when entering a world dungeon has been fixed.
9. Fixed an issue where the ESC shortcut key was unresponsive.
  • The issue where the ESC shortcut key didn't work when a UI window was open has been resolved.
10. Adjusted character creation stat graphs.
  • Fixed an issue where the stat graphs for each class during character creation were displayed abnormally.
11. Fixed the red dot notification on dungeon icons.
  • The issue where red dot notifications did not disappear from dungeon icons has been fixed.
12. Fixed Raid monster discovery happening account-wide.
  • Raid monster discovery has been modified to apply on a character-specific basis rather than account-wide.
13. Fixed visibility error in tall aspect ratio.
  • The issue where certain items were not visible when using a tall aspect ratio has been corrected.
14. Fixed quest target not setting automatically when progressing through the "Materialism 1" quest.
  • The issue where quest targets were not set during automatic progression of the "Materialism 1" quest has been resolved.

15. Fixed keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not functioning in non-english keyboard.
◈ Other Notices
◈ Maintenance Reward
Basic Maintenance Reward Included Items Amount
Gold Luck Pouch x10 10
Hourglass Selection Chest x3 3
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 11:59 PM on October 27th (Friday). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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