24/04/17 Update Patch Note (Added)

2024-04-17 13:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 04/17 Regular Maintenance
◈ Update Details
1. Chapter 5 Part 2
  • Addition of Part 2 (Second Half) of Chapter 5 Lavias Area
  • Main Quests, Requests, Items, Monster Cards, and Achievements has been added with the addition of new Chapter
2. New Equipment: Orb & Medal
  • 2 New Equipment Slots has been opened to equip Orb and Medal
  • Sub-Weapon item Orb, and Accessory item Medal has been newly added
3. Field Raid Monster 'Lich Shire'
  • Field Raid Monster 'Lich Shire' has been added to Lower Barkan Catacombs
  • Newly Added Lich Shire Equipment can be acquired from this Raid
Lich Shire Set (Weapon)
Lich Shire Greatsword Lich Shire Sword
Lich Shire Bow
Lich Shire Staff
Lich Shire Dagger
Lich Shire Spear

Lich Shire Set (Armor)
Lich Shire Helmet Lich Shire Armor
Lich Shire Glove
Lich Shire Cape

Lich Shire Set (Accessory)
Lich Shire Earring Lich Shire Ring
Lich Shire Necklace

4. New Field Floors
  • Addition of Wisphering Forest F5
    • Monster Codex of Wisphering Forest F5 has been added
  • Addition of Labyrinth Of Destruction B7 (Guild Hunting Grounds)
    • Guild Hunting Grounds can be accessed through [Guild] - [Content]

5. Armor Shape Image Skin
  • Addition of Image Skins to Armor Shapes
  • Image Skins are Everlasting, or Expiring Armor Shape Skins that can be obtained through various conditions like events
  • Armor Shape Image Skins do not provide extra Stats 

6. New Armor Shapes
  • Addition of New Heroic ~ Legendary Grade Armor Shapes

Heroic Tiger Set

Tiger Helmet

Tiger Armor

Tiger Gloves

Tiger Tail
Dinosaur Set

Dinosaur Helmet

Dinosaur Armor

Dinosaur Gloves

Dinosaur Hood
Legendary Luxurious Royal Set

Luxurious Royal Helmet

Luxurious Royal Armor

Luxurious Royal Gloves

Luxurious Royal Cloak
Roman General Set

Roman General Helmet

Roman General Armor

Roman General Gloves

Roman General Cloak

7. Fishing Rate & Heroic/Legendary Fish Exchange Improvement
  • Rare+ Grade Fishing rate improvement
  • Relic Items that can be exchanged with Fish are now 'Tradeable'
  • Shop Location: [World Content] - [Spiren's Courtyard] - Peddler Tagon (NPC)

8. Guild Hunting Grounds Drop Improvement
  • Whetstone & Gemstone has been added to Monster Drops as Tradeable item

9. Item Drop Rate (Raid Chest) Improvement
  • Boss Raid Chest Reward Rate improvement
  • Main Rewards like Equipments now have higher rate
  • Material Drop Rate (in Chest) improvement
  • Target Raid: Ripley, Kamosha, Anubis, Karma, Tiras, Bloodyclaw, Nidhogg

10. Premium Buddy Feed
  • Premium Buddy Feed is added to Shop
  • Equipment Craft Materials can be gathered automatically by Buddy (Like Buddy Feed)
  • Premium Buddy Feed can be used simultaneously with Buddy Feed
  • Premium Buddy Feed has different duration to Buddy Feed

11. Japanese Support (Beta)
  • Jappanese language support in-game has been added for Japan Release
  • Japanese Support is Beta, and can cause instability and minor issues in-game

◈ Improvements
 1. Spiren's Twilight, Bloodyclaw's Banquet population change
  • Spiren's Twilight Maximum Adventurer population per channel is increased
  • Bloodyclaw's Banquet Maximum Adventurer population per channel is decreased

 2. Shop Alarm Function Improvement
  • Newly registered Packages are now also alerted by red dot

 3. Scramble Side Panel UI/UX Improvement
  • Current Score Leaderboard is added to check current Guild Rank between Scramble
 4. Boss Monster Card Effect Improvement

Grade Card Name Effect Change
Heroic Aslan Card AoE DMG Increase (According to Enhance Lv)
From : 50 ~ 100%   To : 80 ~ 130%
Inflict Chance Increase 
From: 5% Fixed       To: 5~8%
Bloodyclaw Card Re-apply Cooldown Improvement (According to Enhance Lv)
From: 30s Fixed       To: 30 ~ 20s
Girallon Card Normal ATK DMG DEF Increase (According to Enhance Lv)
From: 1 ~ 5%          To: 3 ~ 8%
Legendary Nidhogg Card '5% Chance to Inflict All Stat Decrease' Stat Increase (According to Enhance Lv)
From: -1 ~ -6          To: -3 ~ -8
Re-apply Cooldown : 10s
Asmodeus Card All Stat Increase (According to Enhance Lv)
From: 1 ~ 6            To: 2 ~ 7
Andrak Card CON, Crit Rate Increase (According to Enhance Lv)
From: CON 2 ~ 7     To: CON 3 ~ 8 
From: 1 ~ 3.5%       To: 2 ~ 4.5%
Serraborg Sanctum Card ATK, Max HP Increase (According to Enhance Lv)
From: ATK 2 ~ 7     To: ATK 3 ~ 8 
From: Max HP 100 ~ 300     To: Max HP 200 ~ 450 

 5. Minimap Quest Icon Improvement
  • Icons colors correct to corresponding Quests are displayed

 6. Scramble Rank Reward Distribution
  • Scramble Rank Reward from World/Server Scramble is now distributed directly to Guild Storage, not Mail

 7. Entering Power Save Mode in PC version
  • Shortcut to enter Power Save Mode has been added (Default Shortcut: F12)

 8. Auto-Combat in Guild Hideout
  • Auto-combat can now be enabled in Guild Hideout

 9. Item Amount Input in PC Version
  • Item amount input which 'Enter' key had to be pressed to be applied is now immediately applied after typing amount

 10. Spiren's Twilight Map
  • Water pond that was interrupting combat and movement in Hobgoblin area has been removed

11. Nidhogg Emerge Schedule Change
  • First Nidhogg will emerge after 81H30M after Maintenace
  • Following Nidhogg raids will be conducted every 72H (No Change)

12. Virtual-Pad location fix (Added 4/17)
  • To adapt Free Camera rotation function in later patch, Virtual Pad (Movement) has been changed to be fixed in lower left corner

◈ Bug Fixes
1. Sub-Quest 'Damage Restoration' Fix
  • An issue where 'Damage Restoration' Sub-Quest cannot be completed has been fixed

2. Skill Area of Effect Fix
  • An issue where Warrior Skill 'Storm Slash' & 'Smash Sword', and Sculpture Skill 'Sculpture Fencing - Moonbeam Outpour' had different Area of Effect according to target distance has been fixed to have fixed Range

3. 'Smash' Skill Animation Fix
  • All Classes now have same 'Smash' Skill Animation duration

4. '+1' Enhance Button being displayed while enhancing Armband 
  • '+1' Enhance Button should not be displayed while enhancing Armband

5. Change in Guild Members is not being displayed immediately (sync delay)
  • Guild Member Status change is immediately applied to be displayed correctly

6. Multi-Enhance Fix
  • Items that has been dismantled are no longer displayed in Multi-Enhance UI

7. Key Shortcuts functioning while in Class-Change Ticket UI (PC Version)
  • Key shortcuts should not function in Class-Change Ticket UI, and no longer function
8. System Message Change
  • Acquiring Weapon/Armor Shapes and Buddies of heroic Grade and above that has already been acquired before is also displayed in System Message

9. Armor Restoration Ticket Fix
  • Armor Stats being displayed as ATK stats are now correctly displayed as DEF stats

10. Sculpture Display Set Effect Fix
  • Sculpture Set Effect is displayed (not applied) when only 1 of 4 Sculpture from set is equipped to be displayed

11. Duval's Growth Plan: Part Two Fix
  • Duval's Growth Plan: Part Two > Mission 40 Field Boss Kill count now correctly increases regardless of Raid Boss Chapter or type

12. Character Image Change Ticket Fix
  • Image Change Ticket can now be Used & Consumed, and was resumed to be sold on Shop

◈ Known Bugs
  • Several weapon shapes disappearing from Adventurers who conducted Server Transfer.
※ Please inquire through Customer Service Center if Character experience this issue.
  • CP change from newly registered Collection Book is seldomly applying abnormally.
  • Certain terrain not displaying correctly in Android OS environement.
  • Clicking Help ("?") Button in Class Change UI leading to Buddy Guide. (Class Change Guide Link) 
  • Monster Card Slot related Mission not being completed (Please reconnect to the game)
  • Mission 48 of Duval's Growth Plan Part 2 Reward Monster Card not being +1 Card (Please contact Customer Service)
◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM of Apr 19th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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