24/04/03 Update Patch Note (Fixed)

2024-04-03 12:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 04/03 Regular Maintenance
◈ Update Details
1. Sol Canyon Season 2
  • Schedule: 2024/04/03 (Wed) After Maintenance  ~ 8 Sol Canyon Matches
  • Chests (Secret Chests, Suppression Chests, Treasure Chests, Red Ruby Crystal Chests, etc) and Red Ruby Crystals obtained in Sol Canyon are now displayed as expirable items
  • Expirable chests can only be opened within 24H of acquirement, and can only be trashed after being expired
  • Red Ruby Crystals obtained from Season 1 is expired and deleted during 4/3 Maintenance
  • Number of Treasure Chests dropped by defeating Andrak and Ednos has been increased from 1 to 3
  • Treasure Chests can be opened by any Adventurers nearby
  • 1 extra NPC has been added near start location, and can be teleported
  • In Sol Canyon Season 2, the server matches held every Tuesday will be matched by region
Example) Groups 1 to 3: Matched on Korean servers
            Groups 4 to 5: Matched on Taiwan / Asia servers
2. World Content Timetable Change
  • Spiren's Twilight, Sol Canyon and Valhalla timetable is changed to following (UTC +8):
Spiren's Twilight Everyday
23:00 ~ 01:00 / 11:00 ~ 13:00
11:00 ~ 13:00 / 21:00 ~ 23:00
Sol Canyon Wed, Sat
20:00 ~ 22:00
Tue, Wed
19:00 ~ 21:00
Valhalla Thu
20:00 ~ 22:00
19:00 ~ 21:00
3. World Content Boss Emerge Schedule Change
  • Field Boss Emerge Schedule of World Content (Spiren's Night, Spiren's Twilight, Sol Canyon and Valhalla) is change to following (UTC +8):
Content Name Boss Name Emerge Time
Spiren's Night Komodo King 18:00
Spiren's Twilight Asmodeus 12:00, 22:00
Valhalla Bloodyclaw 20:00
Torido 19:10, 19:30, 20:20, 20:40
Geirskogul 19:20, 19:40, 20:30, 20:50
Sol Canyon Ednos 19:30
Desmond 19:30
Vargod 19:30
Barghest 19:30
Cerberus 20:00
Giant Flame Golem 20:00
Dullahan Abyssal Commander 20:00
Andrak 20:30
Arcadia 20:30
Minion Betyl 20:30

4. Arena Time Change
  • With change in Valhalla Schedule, Arena schedule is also adjusted
  • Previous: 17:00 ~ 19:00 (UTC +8)
  • Current: 16:00 ~ 18:00 (UTC +8)

5. TOP-UP Event
  • Rewards are based on the total top-up amount
  • Please refer to Event Notice (Link) for more details

6. Duval's Growth Plan: Part 2 Growth Guide
  • Growh Guide Event 'Duval's Growth Plan: Part 2' is added to [Event] - [Growth Guide] tab

7. Addition of Check-In Event exclusive for New & Returning Adventurers
  • Event is conducted for 28 days
  • Event is for New Adventurers (After 04/03, Event has to be started within 14 days of account creation), and Returning Adventurers (Last connection over 14 days) (Fixed)

8. Addition of New Dungeon: [World] Marias's Cave F3
  • New Floor: [World] 3F - Hungry Workhouse is added to World Marias's Cave
  • New Collection Book is added for items dropped in World Marias's Cave F3
  • Field Boss 'Marianne' is moved from F2 to F3
  • 3 Treasure Chests are spawned upon defeating Marianne
  • Treasure Chests can be opened by any Adventurers
  • Enter Condition : CP 50,000+

9. Spiren's Twilight Field Boss 'Asmodeus' Suppression Reward Improvement
  • Number of Treasure Chests spawned upon defeating Asmodeus is increased from 1 to 3
  • Treasure Chests can be opened by any Adventurers

10. Addition of 'Scarecrow' to Guild Hideout
  • 4 Types of Scarecrows are added to Guild Hideout, and Adventurers can use various methods to check DMG
  • Guild Hideout can be accessed through [Guild] - [Info] - [Enter Hideout]

11. Addition of 'Apprentice Knight's Greatsword' Source
  • Apprentice Knight's Greatsword is added to Upper Memphis Hall Drops

◈ Improvements
1. 'Valhalla' Reward Improvement
  • Drop Rate of Warrior's Remain is increased
  • Drop Rate of Heroic Grade Equipment is increased
  • Drop Rate of Sculpture Chest items are increased
  • Amount of Warrior's Remain dropped by suppressing Field Bosses is increased
  • Amount of Warrior's Rewamin dropped from interacting with Treasure Chests is increased

2. Scan Function Improvement
  • Once Scanned, target which has been eliminated will not disappear from the list until next Scan

3. Guid Re-Join Penalty Reset Improvement
  • Guild Re-Join/Abandon Penalty reset is no longer calculated from the moment of re-joining the Guild, but from the moment of Abandon/Expel/Dismissal.
4. UI Button location change in Request Page
  • Refresh Request Button is relocated below Request list
  • Accept Request Button is relocated to bottom right corner
  • Rate Info Button is relocated above Request list

 5. Marias's Cave Drop Rate Improvement
  • Drop rate of Heroic Grade Equipment has been improved in Marias's Cave

◈ Bug Fixes
1. Sol Canyon related Bug Fix
  • Adventurers from other Servers defeating Raid Monsters or PKs is displayed as 'Unknown Enemy'

2. Serraborg Castle Stellaport Fix
  • Stellaport now function correctly in Serraborg Castle

3. Hide Buddy Shape Fix
  • Shadows of Buddies are no longer displayed when Buddy Image is hidden

4. ESC Hotkey Fix
  • ESC key in PC environment function correctly in Channel Selection Pop-up UI

5. Cursed Enhance Scroll Fix
  • Using Cursed Enhance Scroll no longer display '+'

◈ Known Bugs
  • Change in Guild Members is not being displayed immediately (sync delay).
  • Several weapon shapes disappearing from Adventurers who conducted Server Transfer.
※ Please inquire through Customer Service Center if Character experience this issue.
  • CP change from newly registered Collection Book is seldomly applying abnormally.
  • Black Screen being displayed when accessing Event > Login Reward Tab. (Clicking Event names will display event page normally)
  • Certain terrain not displaying correctly in Android OS environement.
  • PC version shortcut that should be disabled functioning after entering Class Change Ticket UI
  • Clicking Help ("?") Button in Class Change UI leading to Buddy Guide. (Class Change Guide Link)
  • Unable to use Image Change Ticket .
  • The mission related to the monster card slot in the Growth Guide cannot be completed. (Please reconnect if this happen to fix the issue)
  • Duval's Growth Plan: Part Two > Mission 40 Field Boss Kill count seldomly not increasing
◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM of Apr 5th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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