April Update Preview by KimPD

2024-04-01 00:00
Hello, this is Darkgamer KimPD.
Here is an update announcement for the Darkgamer in April.

April 1st Update (04/03)

  1. Addition of World Marias's Cave F3
    • New Floor is added for Adventurers' increased CP Specs.
  2. Addition of Duval's Growth Plan II
    • Missions that help Adventurers' Growth (Palace Equipment and etc can be acquired) 
  3. Change in schedule of World Content
    • Adventurers have sent opinions that World Content opens too late, so we decided to change the Content Schedule
    • Sol Canyon Season 2 will have changed Schedule
    • Spiren's Twilight Boss willl have more Treasure Chest Dropped (1 -> 3)
  4. Events for New/Returning Adventurers
  5. Improvement to Scan Function
    • Once Scanned, target which has been eliminated will not disappear from the list until next Scan

April 2nd Update (Scheduled for 04/17)

  1. Addition of Chapter 5 (Later Half)
    • 4 New regions will be opened in Chapter 5
    • Field Raid 'Lich Shire' will be added to Chapter 5
  2. Addition of Whisphering Forest F5
  3. Addition of New Floor to Guild Hunting Ground
  4. Addition of Event Armor shapes (Armor Images)
    • Armor Shapes that do not have stats will be added for appearance customization

Release of Moonlight Sculptor:Darkgamer to Japan Region
  • Darkgamer is preparing to be released to Japan Market, Server added in Asia Server Group. 

Please note that Update Schedule can be changed without prior notice due to internal circumstances.

Thank You!
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