New World Battlefield 'Sol Canyon'

2024-02-26 16:30
Hello Adventurers,
This is Info about World Battlefield <Sol Canyon>, which will be added on 02/28 through Temporary Maintenance.

Sol Canyon
 - Sol Canyon is a competitive content which provides a variety of special rewards.
 - Only Adventurers who comply with specific conditions can enter.
 - All Servers (Some specific Servers can be excluded) can Join, and compete against other Servers.
 - Content opens at specific time, weekly (Like scramble or Valhalla).
 - It is conducted seasonally, and some items are deleted after Season reset. (Ruby Crystal)

How to Enter Sol Canyon?

 - Click [Menu] - [Valhalla]

 - World Battlefield is newly added to the UI

 - [Enter] Button will be activated if all conditions are met and content is open

Enter Condition
There are 2 basic conditions to enter Sol Canyon
  1. CP over 60,000
  2. CP Rank of 1 ~ 50
     ※ CP Rank changes in real time, so any adventurer who enters CP Rank of 1 ~ 50 while the content is open can enter Sol Canyon

Season & Match No.
  • One Sol Canyon Season is conducted for a Month
  • There are 8 Sol Canyon Matches per Month
  • 2 Sol Canyon Matches are conducted every Week (Wed, Sat)
  • Sol Canyon Matches open every Wed, Sat at 21:00 ~ 23:00 (UTC +9)

  • Matching of Sol Canyon matches is conducted automatically and randomly by the system
  • Matching Info is finalized and opened at Midnight of Every Tuesday and Friday (1 day before Match)
  • 1 Match consists of 3 ~ 5 Servers 

  • There is only 1 Channel in Sol Canyon

  • All targets except Adventurers from the same Server can be Auto-hunted and is marked as enemy in Sol Canyon
  • Adventurers from the same server can be targetted manually and attacked
  • Fame will decrease upon killing Adventurers from the same Server
  • PK that happened in Sol Canyon is not recorded as history in PK UI

Map & Region Info

  • More Boss Monsters emerge in Sol Canyon
  • Monsters in Sol Canyon is much more powerful than regular monsters, and drop more rewards

Monster Info
  • Normal Monsters and Boss Monsters are largely separated into 3 difficulty levels, and drop more rewards on higher difficulty
  • Bosses have different Emerge time, and some Bosses Emerge at the same time.

Monster Name Emerge at
(UTC +9)
Participation Reward Special Reward
Ednos 21:30
  • Only Adventurers from Participation Rank 1 Server can obtain this reward.
  • Only Adventurers who have participated in suppressing the Boss can obtain this reward
  • Drops Special Chests upom defeating
  • Only Adventurers from Server of Participation Rank 1 can interact with the Chest
  • Only Adventurers from Server of Participation Rank 1, with individual Participation can interact with the Chest
Andrak 22:30
Barghest, Vargod, Desmond 21:30 1 random Adventurer from Participation Rank 1 Server will receive special Reward.
  • Reward is given irrelevant to Damage dealt to Monster
  • Only Adventurers who have participated can obtain this reward
Giant Flame Golem, Dullahan Abyssal Commander,
Minion Betyl, Arcadia 22:30

  • Special items can be purchased from Merchant 'Greenmoss'
Item Name Description
Tonic (character)
(Destruction, Defense, Haste, Enhance)
Legendary Skill Essence (Character)  
Soft Powder (Character) Bless material
Destructive Energy Fragment (Character)  
Arpen Accessory Design Piece (Character)  
Fragment of Wisdom (Character) Ingredient of Craft Recipe below
Craft Recipe - Angel Wings Sculpture (Character) ATK, EVD, DMG DEF against Character
Craft Recipe - Winged Hat Sculpture (Character) DEF, ACC, DMG against Character
Craft Recipe - Winged Shoe Sculpture (Character) ATK, EVD, DMG DEF against Character
Craft Recipe - Happy Family Sculpture (Character) DEF, ACC, DMG against Character
Sun’s Blessing (Character) Buff item to boost EXP gain on kills
Serraborg Sanctum Card (Character) ATK, Max HP
Celestial Guardian Necklace (Character) DMG agains Character, Maxh HP, MOV SPD
Celestial Guardian Earring (Character) DMG DEF against Character, Crit RES, All Abnormal Status RES
Celestial Guardian Ring (Character) DMG against Character, Crit Rate, Abnormal Status Hit Rate

Other Rules
  • Teleport Scrolls cannot be used
  • 'Revive Nearby' will resurrect the character at the start location
  • Revive using Butterfly is more expensive than other areas
Fame Status Death Count Butterfly Req. Revive Timer Revive Cooldown
Neutral ~ Guardian 1 50 8 60
2 100 12 60
3 200 15 60
Outlaws follow the same rule, but spend more butterflies according to Outlaw Lv.
Outlaw Lv.1 : +30 Butterflies
Outlaw Lv.2 : +50 Butterflies
Outlaw Lv.3 : +100 Butterflies

Item Name Details

Ruby Crystal (Character)
Sol Canyon exclusive Currency
※ Possessed amount reset after end of every Season (Added 02/29)

Ednos Card
Legendary Grade Monster Card

Andrak Card

Holy Light Armband
New Heroic Grade Armband

Dragon Scale Talisman
New Heroic Grade Talisman

Scorching Knight Equipment
(Warrior Class as Sample Image)
New Legendary Grade Equipment

Fragment of Wisdom
Sculpture Craft Material

Essence of (Harmony, Protection, War) Concentrate
New Legendary Grade Equipment Craft Material

Versa Weapon, Armor, Accessory Design Peice (Legendary) (Account)
New Grade <Legendary>

Legendary Skill Books and Essences
New Grade <Legendary>
All Images were created under test environement.

Thank You.
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