24/02/21 Update Patch Note (Added 02/21)

2024-02-21 13:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 02/07 Regular Maintenance
◈ Update Details
1. 3rd Server Transfer
  • 3rd Server Transfer schedule: February 21, 2024 (Wed) after Maintenance ~ February 25, 2024 (Sun) 23:59
  • 3rd Server Transfer possible times: Total 3 times
  • Server Transfer Ticket sales schedule: February 21, 2024 (Wed) after Maintenance ~ February 24, 2024 (Sat) 23:59
  • Server Transfer Ticket purchase limit: Total 3 times
     ※ For more details about Server Transfer, please check the server transfer guide (link).

2. Addition of Chapter 5 first half part
  • Chapter 5 Livias Region has been added
  • New Main Quests, Requests, Items, Monster Cards, Achievements, etc has been added
  • 2 Field Bosses (Royan, Asta) emerge in first half of Livias Region.

3. Addition of New Equipment modification <Blessing> system
  • A System to apply 'Blessing' to Rare Grade or higher Equipment
  • Additional 1 Polish Slot will open when Equipment is Blessed, and Stats will be added according to certain rate.
  • Details will be updated on 'Modify Equipment' Guide

4. Addition of Legendary Equipment Craft
  • 2 New craftable Legendary Grade Equipment per part is added (Except Armband and Talisman)
  • New Material Item needed for the craft of Legendary Grade Equipment is added
  ※ Some Craft Materials can be acquired in <Sol Canyon> which will be updated in the next Update

5. World Scramble improvement
  • Versa Design Piece (Legendary) has been added as reward for World Scramble '[World] Rosheim East Fortress'
  • '[World] Rosheim East Fortress' Map has been expanded, and few structrures has been removed

6. Guild Abandon/Expel penalty mitigation (Reset Cooldown, Duration)
  • Maximum Guild Abandon/Expel penalty has been reduced from 30 Days to 15 Days
  • Cumulative Penalty reset time has been reduced to 15 Days accordingly
Penalty Duration
Penalty Duration
0 0 0
1 1 1
2 3 3
3 7 5
4 15 7
5+ 30 15

7. Addition of New Weapon Shapes and Buddies & Possession Effect Improvement
  • 2 Heroic Buddies, 2 Heroic Weapon Shapes, 2 Legendary Buddies and 2 Legendary Weapon Shapes has been added
  • Heroic Grade and Legendary Grade Possession Effect has been improved

8. Addition of New skills to Classes
New Skills that can be purchased through Skill Book Merchant has been added
Skill Name Effect Enhance Target Skill Price
Reverse Time : Warrior 100% Cooldown Reduction
of Target Skill on Enemy Kill

[+0] Activation Rate 12%
[+1] Activation Rate 13%
[+2] Activation Rate 14%
[+3] Activation Rate 15%
[+4] Activation Rate 16%
[+5] Activation Rate 17%
[+6] Activation Rate 18%
[+7] Activation Rate 19%
[+8] Activation Rate 20%
[+9] Activation Rate 21%

Sword of Valor 50,000,000 Gold
Reverse Time : Paladin Rend
Reverse Time : Sculptor Sculpture Fencing -
Flash Sword Burst
Reverse Time : Archer [+0] Activation Rate 6%
[+1] Activation Rate 7%
[+2] Activation Rate 8%
[+3] Activation Rate 9%
[+4] Activation Rate 10%
[+5] Activation Rate 11%
[+6] Activation Rate 12%
[+7] Activation Rate 13%
[+8] Activation Rate 14%
[+9] Activation Rate 15%
Scatter Shot
Reverse Time : Mage Fireball

9. Addition of New Sculptures
  • 4 New Sculptures has been added
  • Adventurers require 'Special Materials' to craft the added Sculptures
  ※ Some Craft Materials can be acquired in <Sol Canyon> which will be updated in the next Update

◈ Improvements
1. Improved Codex
  • Addition of Monster Codex Region Achievement
  • Monster Defeat & Region Achievement Codex can be repeated
   ※ Codex Reward items are Character Bound
  • Fishing Codex pop-up UI has been improved

2. Improved Maximum number of Adventurers per Channel in Crimson Temple & Ice Ruin
  • Maximum population of Adventuers per Channel has been reduced for better gameplay experience

3. Increased number of Channels in Spiren's Night
  • No. of Channels has been increased to 4

4. Chapter 4 Difficulty Mitigation
  • Chapter 4 Monster Balance has been modified to mitigate the difficulty

5. Rank Season Finalization related Improvement
  • Server Transfer can no longer be conducted 1 Hour before Rank Season Finalization

6. Heroic Grade Equipment Stat Improvement
  • Base Stat of Heroic Grade Equipment has been increased
Equipment Improvement
Heroic Grade Weapon Current Stat (ATK) + 3
Heroic Grade Armor Equipment
(Except Armor)
Current Stat (DEF) +2
Heroic Grade Armor Current Stat (DEF) +3
Heroic Grade Accessories
(Except Ring)
Current Stat (DEF) +2
Heroic Grade Ring Current Stat (ATK) +2
  • Stats that increase from +8 Enhance level has been increased
7. Monster Card Slot Expansion
  • Maximum Monster Card Slots have been expanded from 6 to 8
  • 7th Slot can be opened at Lv.65, and 8th Slot can be opened at Lv.70

8. Bag & Storage Slot Expansion
  • Maximum Bag & Storage Slots have been expanded
Slots Previous Maximum Slots Current Maximum Slots
Bag Can be expanded to 250 Can be expanded to 300
Storage Can be expanded to 150 Can be expanded to 200

9. <Steadfast Will> Skill cooldown improvement
  • Common Skill, <Steadfast Will> cooldown has been reduced from 600s to 300s

10. New Achievements
  • 5 New Achievements for accomplishing certain level has been added
  • Achievement reward will be 'Armor Shape Summon Ticket (Character)' of Uncommon ~ Heroic Grade 

11. Improvement to Great Success, Success Rate display
  • Improved Great Success and Success Rate display of crafts that have Fail possibility

12. Improvement to Rarity Shop Sales list
  • 'Heroic Grade Armor Shape Summon Ticket' can be purchased with Accomplishment from Rarity Shop

13. Change in Region type of [World] Marias's Cave F2
  • Region type has been changed from [Dispute] to [Free]

14. Special Items notation improvement in [Region Info]
  • Special Items are now displayed in item list, not just the chest.

15. Character Resurrection change in Spiren's Night
  • 'Revive in the Closest Village’ is disabled in Spiren's Night

16. Improved System time display
  • Improved the system to display the time based on the currently connected Server in Valhalla and Scramble

17. Improved Item weight
  • Character Bound materials Items now weigh 0.01 instead of 0.1

18. Improved Item Acquire System Message
  • Few items has been removed from System Message output

19. Improved Damage Reflection of Monsters
  • Damage Reflection from Monsters will only apply up to 10 times

20. Entrance Portal to 'Dark Elf Castle'
  • Portal entrance to Dark Elf Castle now only appears after completing Main Quest [Chapter 4] 2-12 Gates Opened'

21. Modified various UI abnormalies and localization errors
  • Various English localization errors and UI abnormalies (typos, overlapping UIs, etc)

22. Improved Armor Shape Possession Effect
  • Few Armor Shape Possession Effect of Legendary Grade has been improved

◈ Bug Fixes
1. Auto Hunt stopping at Whispering Forest
  • Whispering Forest Map has been fixed so that this do not occur

2. Attacking from Safe Zone
  • Characters can no longer attack from Safe Zones in Turquoise Corridor

3. Unexpired Event Repeat Collection Book getting deleted after registration period termination
  • Event Repeat Collection Book is no longer deleted when registration period is over, and expires after expiration period

4. Sculpture Dismantle UI reappearing
  • Sculpture Dismantle UI no longer reappear when accessing Sculpture Menu after exitting Sculpture Dismantle UI

5. PK record not displying correctly
  • PK records higher up in the list can be viewed normally after viewing details of the record down in the list

6. Check-in event items being claimed in Event Page after claiming when Bag is full
  • Item Claims can no longer be conducted when the Bag is full

7. Delivery Turn-in items not getting deleted after 'Border Area Central Forest' Scramble
  • Items are now correctly deleted after Scramble matches

8. Daily Perk items being displayed as claimed when claiming items in full Bag status
  • Item Claims can no longer be conducted when the Bag is full

9. Slow Motion being applied to videos after skipping cinematics after Boss Defeat Quests
  • Videos are now normally played after skipping Cinematics in Quests

◈ Known Bugs
An issue where Change in Guild Members is not being displayed immediately (sync delay) has been found.
An issue where several weapon shapes are disappearing to Adventurers who conducted Server Transfer have been found.
※ Please inquire through Customer Service Center if Character experience this issue.
An issue where texts are being displayed when Multi-enhancing multiple +6 Equipment with multi-selected Enhance Scrolls has been found.
An issue where few Adventurers cannot purchase certain Skill Books have been found. (Added 02/21)
An issue where 7 Day Mission 'Achieve Lv.20' cannot be completed have been found. (Added 02/21)
An issue where certain Adventurers are experiencing disconnect when 'Renewal Heroic Buddy Step-up' package is bought in IOS has been found. Package has been disabled on IOS, and purchase is available on other platforms. (Added 02/21)
An issue where Sculptor Skill 'Sculpture Fencing - Moonbeam Outpour' has a wrong Skill Effect. (Added 02/21)
An issue where Rare grade Buddy Eggs obtained from 'Rare Buddy Selection Chest' cannot be consumed (Added 02/26)

◈ Additional Info
Freya’s Power-Up Support Gift  Sales has been extended until further Notice

◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM on Feb 23th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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