24/02/07 Update Patch Note (Added 02/13)

2024-02-07 12:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 02/07 Regular Maintenance
◈ Update Details
1. Addition of New Maze type Field: <Whisphering Forest>
  • It is added to Baran Area
  • 'Whisphering Forest' consists of 4 Floors
  • Adventurers may acquire Equipment Crafting materials like Magnite and Quartzite

◈ Improvements
1. Improved Crimson Temple, Ice Ruins F6
  • Increased EXP gain in Crimson Temple, Ice Ruins F6
  • Improved Monster size

2. Improved Enhance Scrolls consumption
  • Different types of Enhance Scrolls can be consumed consequently
  • Enhance Scrolls are consumed on the following order: Character Bound -> Account Bound -> Unbound

3. Improved Scan Adventurer List
  • Server names of Adventurers is displayed on top of Character Names

4. Improved visual effect of Fishing Rods
  • Heroic and Legendary Grade Fishing Rods have been improved

5. Improved Peddler Tagon's Sales List
  • Peddler Tagon, located in Spiren's Courtyard, is going to have item sales list reset every Monday 06:00 (UTC +8)

6. Improved Follow target location
  • Adventurer in Follow list display current location even in World Dungeon (Spiren's Courtyard, Spiren's Night, Valhalla etc)

7. Improved Freya's Blessings Equipment Weight
  • Freya's Blessings Equipments now weigh 1

8. Improved UI in Channel list
  • UI button to change Channel will not dislocate from current location when accessing UI in Full Party status

9. Modified various UI abnormalies and localization errors
  • Various English localization errors and UI abnormalies (typos, overlapping UIs, etc)

◈ Bug Fixes
1. World Scramble related Bug Fix
  • Matchmaking is going to function as set rules
  • Prior matchmaking list that is displayed will correctly apply to actual Scramble matches

2. Freya's Blessings Equipment Stats
  • Enhance Potentials that is displayed in Freya's Blessings Equipment are removed
  • Same stats that were displayed separately in the Same Equipment has been corrected

3. Corrected Spawn location of 'Dekhar'
  • Dekhar will be spawned in correct location

4. Monster Card Slot
  • Monster Card Slots will no longer be disabled when equipped card has been destroyed

5. Stat increase display with Talisman
  • Increase in Stat that will be applied if equipping acquired Talisman item, that is displayed on side UI on acquirement is correctly displayed.

6. Character Slots on Character deletion
  • Number of Characters that is displayed on Server Selection screen correctly recalls after Character Deletion

7. Moving in Valhalla with location pointing in Map
  • Adventurers will no longer be returned to Village when Auto-Moving using Map-Pointing

8. Monster Attack Target Change in Combat
  • Attack Target will no longer be changed to another monster during Combat

9. Combat Effects remaining after Combat
  • Effects that was displayed during combat will disappear correctly

10. Buddy Normal Actions
  • Buddy will continue Normal Actions after stopping between movement

11. Auto-Hunt functioning after Scenario Dungeon
  • Auto-Hunt will correctly stop after exitting Scenario Dungeon

12. Equipment crafted with locked Design Piece
  • Equipment crafted with Design Pieces that were locked will no longer show Locked status

13. Abnormal number of Monster Card Pieces when Dismantling Cards from Special Monster Card Pack
  • All Cards will output 1 Monster Card Piece when being dismantled

◈ Known Bugs
An issue where Change in Guild Members is not being displayed immediately (sync delay) has been found.
An issue where several weapon shapes are disappearing to Adventurers who conducted Server Transfer have been found.
※ Please inquire through Customer Service Center if Character experience this issue.
An issue where texts are being displayed when Multi-enhancing multiple +6 Equipment with multi-selected Enhance Scrolls has been found.
An issue where Golden Goblin Bundle is not being dropped in Whisphering Forest F1 ~F4 has been found. (Added 02/13)

◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM on Feb 9th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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