World Scramble Matchmaking Error Notice [Added 02/05]

2024-02-04 22:23
[Added 02/05] 

Hello Adventurers,

First and foremost, we would like to apologize to Adventurers for inconvenience that has been caused by World Scramble related issue.

Like the Announcement below, Matchmaking of 02/04 World Scramble has been different from previously displayed Groups that has been matched from registration, and the rewards for Scramble has been released with Points Ranks that is tied to the matched Groups that could be viewed before beginning of Scramble on 02/04. (The Points that was obtained on the actually matched Scrambles were applied to the list of Guild Groups that was supposed to be matched)

With this, The Darkgamer team has investigated and compared actual World Scramble result, with the Ranks that was shown at the end with previously matched Groups, and so that Guilds will receive the higher Rank rewards comparing the two. (Actual Scramble result, and applied to old matchmaking results). And add a compensation reward for all Guilds that have participated for the inconvenience.

Please refer to the details below.

Reward Target
- All Guilds that have participated in World Scramble (Compensation)
- Guilds that have received lower Rank reward compared to actual World Scramble matches that was conducted (Additional Reward) 

Reward Details
- 30,000 Butterflies, 3,500 Guild Coins, 10,000 Guild Insignias (All Guilds in World Scramble, Compensation)
- Higher Rank Reward compared to distributed Reward (Additional Reward target Guilds)

- All rewards will be distributed in 02/07 Regular Maintenance.

We once again apologize for not providing smooth experience in World Scramble,
And try our best to provide a better gaming experience to all Adventurers.

Thank You.


Hello Adventurers, 

We have noticed some abnormalies in World Scramble Matchmaking in 02/04.

Relevant departments are working hard to diagnose the issue and making corrections.
Rewards will be adjusted according to actual World Scramble Matches that happened on 02/04, not the prior match groups and Leaderboard like how it was conducted.

We apologize for all the confusions in conducting World Scramble,
And come back with further information about compensation and treatment for the issue that has happened.

Thank You for your patience.

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