02/07 Maintenance Notice (Complete)

2024-02-02 16:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer Maintenance Notice.
We have maintenance scheduled for 02/07.
 Please refer to notice below for further details.

[02/07 Regular Maintenance]

Maintenance Schedule :
2024/02/07 (Wed) 08:00 ~ 11:00 (3 Hours, UTC +8) (Complete)
Target Servers :
Maintenance Details

  • Addition of new Field <Whispering Forest>
  • Addition of Heoric and Legendary Fishing Rod Effects
  • Improvement of 'Dekhar' Spawn position
  • Improvement of Displayed Adventurer list when use of Scan function
  • Improvement of Monster EXP Drop in Crimson Temple, Ice Ruins F6
  • Improvement of Peddler Tagon's Sales list to reset every week
  • Improvement to Follow list to display location when they are located in World Dungeons
  • Improvement to Enhance Scroll consumption to consume different bound type items consequently
※ The Enhance Srolls are used sequentially according to the binding type.
  • Improvement to 'Freya's Blessings' equipment item weight and item description
※ The issue where the stats identical to the equipment's potential ability were displayed separately wil be corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where Monster Card Slot is being unusable after Card in preset is destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where Stat increase is not displayed in side UI when acquiring Talisman item
Other Information
Please be aware that all time-sensitive items and buffs will be extended for the duration of Maintenance.

We will try our best for your better adventure experience.
Thank You.
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