February Update Preview

2024-02-01 16:08
Hello, this is Darkgamer KimPD.
Here is an update announcement for the Dark Gamer in February.
Early February:
- Whispering Forest (Maze-type Field) Added
  • Similar to existing fields (prefabricated Field such as Sewer Maze, Waterfall Cave, Bug Hole, and Mirage), it is provided in a similar way but with various floor structures. Players can choose a hunting ground suitable for their level range. The field provides drops focused on deficient materials like Mana Stones, Crystals, and Mana Crystals.

Crimson Temple 6th Floor and Ice Ruins 6th Floor Experience Buff
  • To improve the hunting efficiency for high combat power users, there was feedback that the experience in Crimson Temple 6th Floor and Ice Ruins 6th Floor was somewhat low. Therefore, it will be increased by a certain amount.
Regular February Update:

- Chapter 5 Added
  • The Chapter 5 field (4 areas) that many people have been waiting for a long time will be added. Subsequent raids and the rest of Chapter 5 fields will be added sequentially.

- New field (Sun Ravine) added.
  • A new field that only adventurers within the top 50 combat power on each server can participate in will be introduced.
  • Operated in a seasonal format, taking place every Wednesday and Saturday from 21:00 to 00:00(21:00 to 23:00) for a duration of 3 hours.(2 hours)
  • It is a field where cooperation and competition occur, focusing on rewards from hunting grounds, monsters, and bosses rather than score competition.
  • Various forms of bosses and enhanced rewards will be provided, and legendary crafting materials can also be obtained.
- Guild content improvement.
  • Boss summoning tickets, which allow summoning bosses within the Guild Hideout, will be added.
  • It is possible to summon field bosses, and summoning tickets can be crafted using the guild crafting system.
- Blessing system added.
  • This system allows you to bestow blessings on equipment, providing additional options (100% success rate without failure).
  • Blessed equipment will have blessing options, and blessed equipment will have an additional forging slot.
- Legendary crafting recipes added.
  • Legendary equipment crafting recipes will be added.
- World Scramble improvements.
  • Starting from the addition of legendary crafting equipment, 'Legendary Equipment Crafting Design Piece' will be added to the rewards for the World Scramble.
  • Specifically for the World Scramble, the Eastern Rosheim Fortress map will be expanded, and unnecessary objects will be removed to improve the field environment.
- Monster Codex improvement.
  • Rewards for overall regional achievements will be added, linked to rewards for defeating monsters.
  • Upon receiving rewards for all monsters in a region, you can receive regional achievement rewards (some quantity goals will be adjusted accordingly).
  • Depending on the region, regional achievement rewards will be structured on a repeat basis, allowing for better rewards through repetition.
- New skills added (including legendary skills).
  • Various skills, including passive, survival, and new legendary skills, will be added.
We apologize for not being able to update as quickly as desired. We will do our best to provide content updates during the remaining period.
Thank you.
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