[Community Event] Barun-Chicken Collab Event (Complete)

2024-01-24 13:59
Hello Adventurers,

This is CM Eve from Darkgamer!

Moonlight Sculpture: Darkgamer is conducting the First Collab-Event with Barun Chicken!
Although the offline event is held in Korea, we have prepared an online event for All Global Adventurers to participate!

Event 1 : Lets Go! Darkgamer Cheering Event!

☆ Event Schedule

- 2024/01/24 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 2024/02/06 (Tue) 22:59
- Raffle Announcement: 2024/02/14 before 18:00
☆ Event Details

In our Official Discord, Channel Name '#letsgodarkgamer' (Link), please leave a cheering message or what you like us to do Collab with Next!

1. Enter and join Official Discord Channel (Link)
2. Find (Link) the channel #letsgodarkgamer
3. leave a cheering message or Collab idea
4. Wait for Raffle Announcement

Together with Cheering message or Collab ideas, please also do leave your in game Player ID, just so that we can know you've been enjoying our game! (Eg. 377cwjgd5eQ1YnwO6FjUThzVKdL2)

☆ Event Reward
50 Adventurer Raffle from A, S Servers : 2 x Resplendent Summon 11 Selection Chest (Character)

Please note that Winners will get Separate DM with Coupons on Discord Channel

Event 2 : Barun Push items

☆ Event Schedule
- 2024/01/24 (Wed) After Maintenance ~ 2024/02/23 (Fri)
☆ Event Details
- Everyday at 11! (UTC +8) Various items and Collab Event food🍗 will be sent via Mail!
- Acquire various Buff with Event food that will ben given at 11!

☆ Collab Food Details

[Barun] Chicken Cake : Crit Rate +1%, ATK SPD +2%, Buff Duration 30 Min
[Barun] Brown Rice Crispy : ATK +1, DEF +2, Buff Duration 30 Min

☆ Event Precautions

  • Please be noted that any incorrect information provided can lead to undelivered reward.
  • Event Reward is only given once per account.
  • Incorrect Player ID submission will lead to exclusion from selection and reward distribution.
  • Incorrect and/or inappropriate submissions will lead to exclusion from the event.
  • Participation with abnormal methods will lead to exclusion from the event.
  • Event Rewards will be given through DM, in Coupon form.
  • Messages sent to other channels will not be counted as event participation.
  • Duplicate submissions using multiple accounts will be excluded from the event.
  • Inappropriate community nicknames can lead to exclusion from the event.
  • Event details can be modified under circumstances.
  • Please be noted that K server events can only be registered through Korean Community and will be excluded from this Event.

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