24/01/24 Update Patch Note

2024-01-24 14:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 01/24 Regular Maintenance
◈ Update Details
1. 2nd Server Transfer

  • 2nd Server Transfer
  • Transfer Schedule: After Maintenance ~ 2024/01/28 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Transfer Count: Total 3 Transfers
  • Transfer Ticket Sales: After Maintenance ~ 2024/01/27(Sat) 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • Ticket Purchase Limitation: Total 3 Tickets.
         ※ Please refer to detailed guide to conduct Server Transfer (Link)
2. <Growth Support Buff>, and ,<Growth Support Items> Event
  • <Growth Support Buff> will increase EXP and Gold Drop
  • <Growth Support Buff> will differ according to achieved Lv. (Maximum Lv. 60)

3. Scramble Tax Change
  • With addition of World Scramble, Scramble reward Tax ratio has been increased
Previous 25% of Server Exchange Tax
Current 50% of Server Exchange Tax

  • Distribution rate has also cahnged
Previous 25% of Server Exchange Tax
Current 12.5% of Server Exchange Tax

Previous Awarded to Rank 1 ~ 3 of Rosheim East Fortress Scramble
Current Awarded to Rank 1 ~ 5 of Rosheim East Fortress Scramble & Rank 1 of Isias Dessert

3. World Scramble
  • Scramble that Rank 1, 2 Guilds of each Servers can participate
  • All Guilds that have registered to participate are randomly matched
  • Prize Money is awarded in World Scramble, Each Servers bring 37.5% of Server Exchange Tax to World Scramble for Prize Money
  • Prize Money Total is distibuted to Winners in following rate

Rank Prize Money Rate
1 50%
2 25%
3 15%
4 10%
5 -
Participate -
      ※ Please refer to <[World] Rosheim East Fortress> Scramble Notice for more details
         ※ Each Guild Brings 18.75% of Server Exchange Tax to World Scramble, 37.5% of Server Exchange is brought to World Scramble as Prize Money per Server
4. Equipment Restoration / Weapon Shape & Buddy Refuse Event
  • Event will be conducted from After Maintenance ~ 2024/02/13 22:59 (UTC +8)
      ※ Please refer to Pre-Notice (Link) and Game-Guide (Link) for more details 

New Equipment parts (Armband, Talisman)
  • New Armor part (Armband) and New Accessory part (Talisman) has been added
  • New Equipment parts can be acquired through Hunting and Crafting
6. New Party Dungeon (Seth's Labyrinth)
  • New Dugeon has been added to [Twisted Abyss], named [Twisted Seth's Labyrinth]
  • Dungeon can be cleared by defeating 'Apophis' guarding the treasures of the Labyrinth
  • Entrance Level : Lv. 55

7. Crimson Temple and Ice Ruins (6F)
  • New Floor (F6) has been added to Crimson Temple and Ice Ruins
Dungeon Entrance Lv
Crimson Temple F6 59
Ice Ruins F6 60

8. Repeat Collection Book & New Collection Book
  • Repetitive Collection Book has been added
  • Similar to Event Collection Book, Effects wear off after certain duration
  • Adventurers can re-register items to re-activate Collection Book Effect
  • Various New Collection Books are also adde

◈ Improvements
1. Improved Suppression Reward Chest and Contribution Reward Chest mechanism to not be rewarded to the same Adventurer
  • Suppression Reward that is awarded randomly to Adventurer is no longer awarded to Adventurer who have received Contribution Reward Chest.
2. Improvement to items drops
  • Item drops unique to Bug Hole and Turquoise Corridor has been added
3. Improvemnt to 'Golden Goblin' in Scramble
  • Golden Goblin is emerged every 5 minutes in Scramble
  • Adventurer who apply last hit to the Golden Goblin can acquire reward in 'Border Area Central Forest'
4. Improvement to item drops in Marias's Cave
  • Few Common ~ Uncommon Items that can be acquired in Marias's Cave has been removed
  • Dungeon and Raid Equipment now takes majority of Drops in Marias's Cave
  • Lizardman Equipments are now dropped in Marias's Cave F4 ~ F6
5. Reduced HP of monster 'Marias's Spirit'
  • Greatly reduced HP of monster 'Marias's Spirit'
6. Improved Hit motion in PVP
  • Improved PVP so that hit motion is no longer activated on normal attack hit
7. Improved buttons to set the amount of consumables on purchase
  • Consumables (Potions, Food, etc) can now be purchased in 10 / 100 units.
8. Improved Name display in Scan
  • Character names that are scanned do not go over display area
  • Name will no longer cause line-break in Scan
9. Added functionality to skip the Enhance animation on Skill Enhance
  • Skill Enhance Animation can now be skipped

10. Improved Rank Season Info
  • Rank Season duration is now displayed on Server Time based

11. Improvement to Codex
  • [Codex] - [Equipment] is now displayed in descending alphabetical order

12. Improvement to Season Pass Preview
  • Item info in Season Pass can be viewed before purchasing Season Pass
13. Improvement to Boss Display in Timetable
  • Floor of the location of the Boss (Marias's Cave) is now displayed in Timetable

◈ Bug Fixes
1. Fixed 'Leave Party' Button being displayed after refusing to join Party
  • 'Leave Party' Button is no longer displayed in this condition

2. Fixed 'Spiked Spar' Skill MP consume amount
  • 'Spiked Spar' MP consume amount do not increase in Skill Lv. 9
3. Fixed Archer Class Weapon not being displayed correctly after teleport
  • Archer Class Weapon is no longer displayed out of hands after teleport
4. Fixed items not displaying in Exchange
  • Items are now correctly displayed in Exchange entered through Collection Book Shortcut
5. Fixed System notice being displayed in Region Chat
  • System notice is now displayed in System Chat
6. Fixed Power Save mode Animation
  • Animations are now correctly displayed in Power Save mode
7. Fixed Targetting Characters in Safe Zone
  • Fixed symptom of Guild Donation not functioning correctly
8. Fixed Guild Abandon not kicking Adventurer in Guild Raid
  • Abandoning Adventurer from Guild will also Kick the Adventurer from Guild Raid

9. Fixed Whispher not functioning from Unblocked Adventurer
  • Whispher from unblocked Adventurer is now correctly displayed

10. Fixed Teleport Scroll in 'Wyvern's Nest'
  • Using Teleport Scroll in 'Wyvern's Nest' will no longer cause being stuck between the map

11. Fixed Whispher function sending messages to Adventurers in previously located Server
  • Adventurers can no longer Whispher messages to Adventurers in previously located Server after Server Transfer

12. Fixed Rank not being displayed in World Server
  • Rank is correctly displayed in World Server

13. Fixed Condensed HP potions not being able to be withdrawn from Storage under Cooldown
  • Condensed HP potions can now be withdrawn from Storage regardless of potion Cooldown

◈ Known Bugs
An issue where Change in Guild Members is not being displayed immediately (sync delay) has been found.
An issue where several weapon shapes are disappearing to Adventurers who conducted Server Transfer have been found.
※ Please inquire through Customer Service Center if Character experience this issue.
An issue where increased Stat is not being displayed after equipping Talisman item has been found.
An issue where World Scramble Prize Money is not being syncronized and displayed immediately on Scramble UI has been found. (Added 01/28)

◈Other Information

A4, S4 New Server Reward is removed after the Maintenance.

◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM on January 26th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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