24/01/10 Update Patch Note (Added 01/11)

2024-01-10 13:00
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 01/10 Regular Maintenance
◈ Update Details
1. Addition of Tombstone to World Dungeon(Spiren's Courtyard, Spiren's Night)
  • Tombstone that applies special buff on interaction have been added
  • Tombstones are spawned every 30 minutes, and buff lasts for 15 minutes
  • Character size increases when buff is applied
  • Buff can be stolen from Adventurer by PK

Region Obtainable Buff
Spiren's Courtyard Against Character DMG DEF
Spiren's Night Against Character DMG DEF
Max HP
2.Addition of Translate feature to Chat (Beta)
  • Translate feature can be used at Chat in World Dungeon
  • System Message like item acquire and NPC Scripts are not translated
     ※ Beta feature can be terminated without prior notice

3. PC Mileage Bonus Event (New)
  • Butterfly purchases in [Shop] - [Currency] now provides double Mileage
     ※ Current Double Mileage Event was terminated with 01/10 Maintenance
4. Addition of purchase limitation to few items in NPC Shop
  • Few items will now have purchase limitation (Daily/Weekly)

Addition of various BGM
  • Different regions now play different Background Music or environment sound

◈ Improvements
1. Increased Skill range of Melee Classes 
  • Charge & Ranged Skill range of Melee Classes (Warrior, Paladin, Sculpture) has been increased

Class Skill Name
Warrior Sword of Valor, Spiked Spar, Destructive Edge
Paladin Flash of Discipline, Shield Throw, Rend
Sculpture Sculpture Fencing - Flash Sword Burst, Sculpture Fencing - Striding Strike, Nature Sculpting - Thunderbolt
2. Improvement to Guild Mission
  • All Guild Missions are now displayed from Guild Level 1
3. Adjustment to Nidhogg Emerge period
  • First Nidhogg Emerges 62 Hours after maintenance.
  • Emerge period remains 72 Hours
4. Improvement to item source category display
  • Items that can be acquired from chests now displays source of chest
  • Items that can be acquired by defeating the Boss are now separated to Boss category
  • Raid source icon has been improved
5. Improvement to show number of remaining Fishing Baits in Power Save mode
  • Remaining amount is now displayed in Power Save mode
6. Addition of feature to preview Chest items in Season Pass
  • Items that are included in Season pass now provides a preview
7. Improvement to Event collectables
  • Event Collectable items are now available to be sold to Merchants
8. Butter(Character) item's weight is removed
  • Butter now do not weigh in inventory
9. 'Flinch Ignore' Details display improvement
  • 'Flinch Ignore Rate' is now displayed in [Ability] - [Details]

10. Adjusted default settings of 'Anti-Aliasing'
  • Anti Aliasing option is now 'OFF' by default in mobile version of the game

11. Improvement to Guild Introduction and Notice
  • Text in Guild Introduction and Notice support line breaking

12. Improvement to colors of Tree Spirit Monsters 
  • Tree Spirit Monsters now change color when killed

◈ Bug Fixes
1. Fixed items not showing in Exchange after using shortcut in Collection Book
  • Collection Book items are now correctly displayed in Exchange when accessed through shortcut

2. Fixed Sound being played in Bluetooth connection after Mute
  • Sound is correctly muted in Bluetooth connection
3. Fixed 'Guardian Lagas' Seldomly not using skills
  • Guardian Lagas now correctly use skills
4. Fixed Craft EXP bar not increasing in UI
  • EXP bar now correctly increases in UI
5. Fixed Chat report function in World Dungeon
  • Chat report function now correctly function in Spiren's Courtyard, Spiren's Night, World Marias's Cave, and Valhalla
6. Fixed red dot notification not disappearing in Collection Book
  • Red dot notification now disappear correctly after registration
7. Fixed Guild Donation
  • Fixed symptom of Guild Donation not functioning correctly
8. Fixed Device registration pop-up notice
  • Fixed Device registration pop-up displaying opt out message after failure

9. Fixed Auto move (in Auto Hunt) seldomly stopping after hit in Dungeons
  • Characters now correctly conduct Auto Hunt after hit

10. Fixed Arena System message
  • Arena Rank change System message is no longer displayed when there is no rank change

11. Fixed 'Dekhar' now spawning correctly
  • Dekhar is no longer spawned in abnormal 

12. Fixed Field Boss Participation Reward not being distributed after death in Party
  • Participation reward chest is now correctly distributed to Party member after death
13. Fixed the issue of not being able to join Scramble 24 Hours after joining Guild
  • Guild Members can now normally join Scramble 24 Hours after joining Guild

14. Fixed Blank spaces in Shop Banner
  • Blank Banners are no longer displayed in Shop while scrolling

15. Fixed Auto Move not functioning in certain Quest
  • Auto Move not correctly function in 'Catch the Thief' Quest

16. Fixed Effect UI displaying over Map
  • Effect UI (EXP Gain, Buff Gain, Skill Effect) are no longer displayed over the Map UI when Map is open

17. Fixed Monster spawn and item drop zone not locating correctly when minimap UI is resized
  • Monster spawn and item drop zone is displayed at correct position when minimap is resized

18. Fixed Arena related settings not applying during Hunt related Quests and Missions
  • Auto-Hunt will correctly not automatically function if 'Auto-Combat Upon Entering Arena' option is set to 'OFF'

19. Fixed Arena Message output
  • Arena Lose Message will no longer output twice and will only be displayed once in Power Save Mode

◈ Known Bugs

An issue where Change in Guild Members is not being displayed immediately (sync delay) has been found.
An issue where current Rank and level is not being displayed correctly in 'Rank' after entering World Server has been found.
An issue where several weapon shapes are disappearing to Adventurers who conducted Server Transfer have been found.
※ Please inquire through Customer Service Center if Character experience this issue.
An issue where Purchase limitation count is being displayed in Skill Book Shop has been found.
※ Purchase limitation reset or extra purchase of Skill Books is impossible (Normal Specification)
An issue where Event Collection Book which will be opened on 01/17 is open on 01/10 has been found. (Fixed 01/10)
An issue where wrong Server name is displayed in normal Chat after conducting chat in World Dungeon has been found (Added 01/11)

◈ Additional Info

Past Event Recipe that consumes 'Frozen Breath' has been removed. (Added 01/11)

◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM on January 12th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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