01/10 Maintenance Notice (Complete)

2024-01-05 14:30
Hello Adventurers,
This is Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer Maintenance Notice.
We have maintenance scheduled for 01/10.
 Please refer to notice below for further details.

[01/10 Regular Maintenance]

Maintenance Schedule :
2024/01/10 (Wed) 08:00 ~ 12:00 (4 Hours, UTC +8) (Complete)
Target Servers :
Maintenance Details

  • Skill Range improvement to Charge and Ranged Skills of Melee Classes (Warrior, Paladin and Sculptor)
  • Addition of Tombstones to World Dungeon (Spiren's Courtyard, Spiren's Night)
      ※ Special Buff can be acquired through interaction with Tombstone
  • Addition of Auto-Translate to Chat function (Beta)
      ※  Please be noted that beta service can be terminated without prior notice
  • Addition of New Mileage Bonus Event to Products in [Shop] [Currency]
     ※ Current Double Mileage Event will be terminated after 01/10 Maintenance
  • Improvement to Guild Missions
     ※ All Guild Missions will be available from Guild Level 1
  • Adjustment to Nidhogg Emerge Schedule
  • Improvement to Item Source Category display
  • Improvement to show number of left Fishing Baits in Power Save mode
  • Addition of Per Day/Week purchase limitations to few items in NPC Shop
  • Addition of various BGM
  • Addition of feature to preview Chest items in Season Pass
  • Event Collectable items are now available to be sold to Merchants
  • Butter(Character) item's weight is removed
  • Fixed items not showing in Exchange after using shortcut in Collection Book
  • Fixed Sound being played in Bluetooth connection after Mute
  • Fixed 'Guardian Lagas' Seldomly not using skills
Other Information
Please be aware that all time-sensitive items and buffs will be extended for the duration of Maintenance.

We will try our best for your better adventure experience.
Thank You.
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