[Darkgamer KimPD] New Years Greetings and Update Plans

2024-01-01 00:00
Hello, this is Darkgamer Kim PD.

To begin with, I sincerely thank all the Adventurers who cherish and play the game even though Darkgamer still has a long way to go, and is not enoughly satisfying all the Adventurers.

Darkgamer Dev Team is currently focusing on new content development for 2024, for Adventurers improved gameplay experience and advancements in the game.

First and foremost, Automatic Translation System will be introduced to Chat UI, to overcome the language barrier of communicating with Adventurers from all areound the world. Additionally, we would also like to add World Scramble, new Equipment Slot, and new Hunting Grounds in the game. (Other various Improvements and Modifications are planned too.)

We are also preparing an event to restore destroyed weapons during Enhancement.

Finally, We are also preparing 2024 Annual Update Plan, which will be posted as a separate notice, around mid-January. This will include a lot more detailed Plans which includes New Chapters, New Classes, High level competition content, and Housing, as well as features that I have mentioned above, so please look forward to it.

Once again, I thank all the Adventurers who have been loving and enjoying Darkgamer.

Wish you all Happy New Year.
Best Regards, Kim Kyung-tae
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