[Community Event] I am Darkgamer Fashion Leader ✨

2023-12-20 13:03
Hello Adventurers,
This is CM Eve from Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer :)
I have prepared this new event in commemoration of Armor Shape release!
Cute, whimsical, cool!! Why don't you become the winner of [Resplendent Summon 11 Selection Chest x2] with unique fashion?! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧
Style yourself using various Armor Shapes in the game to create a unique outfit, take a screenshot, and post accordingly to the Form to complete the event! 🎊

I am Darkgamer Fashion Leader ✨

☆Event Schedule
- Participation : After 12/20 Regular Maintenance ~ 01/09 22:59 (UTC +8)
- Winner Announcement, Prize Giveout: Before 01/24 18:00 (UTC +8)

☆Event Detail
- During the event, as shown in the example image below, use Armor shapes and Weapon Shapes to apply coordination and take a screenshot. You know, good backgrounds makes them even better.
- Use the Form (Link) to upload your image.
※ Unlike the example image, you must take a screenshot with the participating character's name displayed to be allowed to participate.
※ If the character information written in the form is different from the character name in the screenshot, it will be excluded from the selection.

☆Event Reward
Reward TargetReward Item
20 Selected Adventurers Resplendent Summon 11 Selection Chest x2
All Participants Unknown Armor Shape Summon Ticket x10
※ 20 adventurers will be selected from among the participants through a fair internal screening by Darkgamer Team.
※ If more than 300 Adventurers from all service countries participate, all Adventurers will receive participation rewards.

☆Event Caution
  • Any incorrect information provided can lead to undelivered reward.
  • Event Reward is only given once per account.
  • Incorrect Server/Character Name/Player ID submission will lead to exclusion from raffle and reward distribution.
  • Incorrect community nickname submission will lead to exclusion from raffle and reward distribution.
  • Incorrect and/or inappropriate submissions will lead to exclusion from the event.
  • Any Incorrect submission cannot be re-submitted, and will not be reviewed.
  • Abnormal methods of participation will lead to exclusion from the event and possible account sanction.
  • Duplicate submissions using multiple accounts will be excluded from the event.
  • Event Rewards will be withdrawn if not received in set amount of time.
  • Forms or registrations submitted not through this method will not be considered.
  • Inappropriate community nicknames will be excluded from the event.
  • Adventurers who have the community before reward distribution will be excluded from the event
  • Event details can be modified under circumstances.
  •  K server Adventurers can only participate in the event through Korean Community.
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