23/12/20 Update Patch Note

2023-12-22 13:25
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 12/20 Regular Maintenance
◈ Update Details
1. Addition of Armor Shape
  • Armor Shape can be acquired through Summon / Fuse
  • Armor Shape consists of 4 parts. Helmet/Armor(part)/Glove/Cape
  • Detailed Info can be viewed in our Armor Shape Guide (Link)
2.Addition of new Scramble Region [Border Area Central Forest]
  • Scramble region competing with Fishing, Gathering & Delivery is added
  • Guild level 3 is required to join this Scramble (Guild CP Rank is irrelevant)
  • Detailed Infor can be viewed in our Scramble Guide (Link)
3. Addition of feature to change linked Social Account
  • Change Account Link function has been added
  • Adventurers may access this function through [Settings] - [Account]
4. Addition of Scramble Registration Condition and Registration schedule adjustment
  • Adventurers may only participate and be rewarded at Scramble, 24 Hours after Joining the Guild
  • Only Adventurers who participated in Scramble can be rewarded
  • Addition of Scramble Registration Condition
Rosheim East Fortress Required Guild Level : 5 / Guild CP Rank : 1 ~ 7
Isias Dessert Required Guild Level : 5 / Guild CP Rank : 1 ~ 12
Border Area Central Forest Required Guild Level : 3

  • Scramble Registration Schedule adjustment
Guild CP Rank Calculation Schedule Past Friday 23:00 ~ This Friday 22:59:59
Scramble Registration Schedule This Friday 23:01 ~ This Saturday 22:59

Addition of new Cards that can be acquired in Marias's Cave F5 ~ 6, and World Marias's Cave F1 ~ 2
  • New Cards can be acquired in Marias's Cave F5 ~ 6, and World Marias's Cave F1 ~ 2
  • New Cards can be acquired through Card Pack
Card PackCard NameEffect
Marias's Cave Card Pack Imp Card Crit Hit RES Increase
Follower Card Max HP Increase
Bear Card ALL DMG DEF Increase on Mutant Monster
Cursed Tree Card Stun RES Increase
Lizardman Card Melee DEF Increase
Stone Spirit Card MAG DEF Increase
Eye Buoy Card Ranged DEF Increase
Wolf Card ATK Increase on EVD for 5s
Treant Card Crit DMG DEF Increase
Scarecrow Card DEF Increase on Hit for 4s
Cow Card Max HP Increase
Anthro Card Melee DMG to Character Increase
Creepo Card Ranged DMG to Character Increase
Dragon Turtle Card MAG DMG to Character Increase
Quartzite Card HP regen below certain HP for 2s
Gnoll Card DEF Increase
Altar Card DEF, Knockback RES Increase
World Marias's Cave Card Pack Bug Card HP Regen Increase
Follower Card Max HP Increase
Troll Card ALL DMG Increase on Mutant Monster Increase
Spider Card Enemy Kill Bonus EXP Increase
Scorpion Card ALL DMG DEF Increase on Aquatic Creature Monster
Hyena Card ALL DMG DEF Increase on Human Type Monster
Frilled Lizard Card ALL DMG DEF Increase on Undead Type Monster
Salamander Card ALL DMG DEF Increase on DemonType Monster
Golem Card ALL DMG DEF Increase on Spirit Type Monster
Gold Coin Card Gold, EXP Drop Increase
Bat Card Poison DMG Reduction, EXP Drop Increase
Valley Lizardman Card Common Monster DMG DEF Increase
Goose Card ACC Increase
Ant Card MP Regen Increase
Bug Egg Card Increase ALL DMG above certain HP
Dwarf Card ATK Increase
Shipwreck Card EVD, Skill DMG Increase

Improvement to Field Boss Drops Mechanism and Items
  • Elimination drops of Field Bosses are now given to Adventurer with last hit and Adventurer with highest participation
  • Item reward is also improved

7. Addition of feature to check applied DMG Rank in Nidhogg and Bloodyclaw Raid
  • Adventurer with highest DMG done to Nidhogg and Bloddyclaw can be viewed (Top 3 Adventurers)

8. Addition of NPC Merchant for All Adventurers (Includes Outlaws, Normal Field)
  • New Mechant sells items with twice the price
  • Added to: Baran, Border Area, Shaded Forest Village

9. Addition of Chat reporting function
  • Adventurers may report other adventurers of inappropriate actions on Chat UI

10. Addition of Defeat Message and function to view Raid Boss availability in Channel Selection 
  • Raid Monster availability(present/defeat) can be viewed in Channel Select UI

◈ Improvements
1. Improvement to Request Reward Rate for higher grade items
  • Reward rate for higher grade items have been increased
2. Improvement to check the upper limit for few Stats
  • Few Stat upper limit can be viewed via Tooltip
  • Stats will be viewed in red color if it reaches upper limit
3. Increase in Fame gained through Monster Kill
  • Monster Fame Drop has been increased
Monster Type Fame Drop 
 Normal Monster  2 -> 3
 Elite Monster 5 -> 8
 Spiren's Night Monster 8 -> 15
4. Adjustment to Outlaw Fame according to Outlaw level
  • Outlaw Fame point has been modified

Outlaw Level Fame Point
Level 1 - 20,000
Level 2 - 40,000
Lowest - 70,000
5. Improvement to adjustable Minimap magnification
  • Minimap magnification can now be adjusted
6. Improvement to Raid UI
  • Improvement to [Menu] - [Raid] to display emerged Bosses first
7. Improvement Event item Claim
  • Addition of 'Receive All' button to Event & Season Pass Reward

8. Improvement to Region Chat
  • Improvement to Region Chat to be displayed to all Channels
9. Improvement to System Message
  • Acquiring Abyssal Energy Piece, Abyssal Energy no longer display System Message

◈ Bug Fixes
1. Fixed Warrior and Paladin Weapon Shape Option
  • Warrior and Paladin Weapon Shape Options have been fixed to normal specification
  • Recovery of lost currencies and Weapon Shape via this error will be notified separately

2. Fixed Revive Cooldown not being displayed correctly at World Server
  • Revive Cooldown will be displayed correctly
3. Fixed 'Stoic' Title Stat display
  • Fixed 'Stoic' Title Stat display to match correctly
4. Fixed Fishing rod not being able to be Equipped
  • Issue where equipping the fishing rod after using bait with the fishing rod removed, following the cancellation of fishing and the removal of the fishing rod has been fixed
5. Fixed First Golden Goblin not spawning in 'Isias Dessert' Scramble
  • Fixed an issue where first spawning Golden Goblin is not being spawned
6. Fixed item register status not refreshing after purchase in Exchange
  • Item register status is refreshed correctly
7. Fixed Guild Join Cooldown not being applied correctly
  • Guild Join Cooldown is applied correctly even if Adventurer is offline when being abandoned
8. Fixed Guild Insignia count in Power Save Mode
  • Acquiring Guild Insignia in Power Save Mode will display correct amount

9. Fixed Teleport Scroll being used while using Skill movement
  • Teleport Scrolls cannot be used while moving with Skill

10. Fixed Equipment that cannot be enhanced with select Enhance Scroll being registered
  • Only correct Equipment according to Enhance Scroll can be registered for Enhance

11. Fixed 'Insufficient Materials' pop-up displayed when Gold is insufficient in Craft
  • Correct Message is displayed

12. Fixed Dismissed Guild Name appearing in Rank
  • Dismissed Guild is no longer displayed in Rank

13. Fixed Monster Card Enhance Material not being displayed
  • Fixed Monster Card Enhance Material not being displayed while enhancing in lower part of the scroll

14. Fixed My Guild not being displayed in Rank
  • Fixed 'My Guild' Name to be displayed in Rank

15. Fixed 'Follow Adventurer' Weapon Shape
  • Weapon Shape is correctly displayed (Follow Target)

16. Fixed Smuggler Debut Quest moving Adventurer to irrelevant location when conducting near Kadriel (NPC)
  • Adventurers will now auto-move to correct location

17. Fixed Kill message being displayed multiple times after PKing Adventurer with Multi-hit Skills in Arena
  • Kill message display is fixed to be displayed only once

18. Fixed Monster HP not being displayed correctly in Guild Hunting Ground F5 ~ 6
  • Monster HP is now displayed correctly

19. Fixed Long Term Absence Character not being able to connect to game correctly
  • Long Term Absence Character can now log-in normally

20. Fixed Bug Hole Map in Mobile Version
  • Fixed Bug Pit Map not displaying correctly in Mobile Version

21. Fixed Archer Skill 'Inferno' Skill Effect not displaying correctly after achieving Skill Level 9
  • Inferno Skill Effect is now displayed correctly after Skill Level 9
◈ Known Bugs
An issue where current Rank and level is not being displayed correctly in 'Rank' after entering World Server has been found.
An issue where Change in Guild Members is not being displayed immediately (sync delay) has been found.
An issue where Chat Report feature is not functioning in Spiren's Night, World Marias's Cave, and Valhalla (World Server) has been found.
An issue where Stellaport teleportation does not work in few region has been found (Added 12/20)
Not getting contribution rewards for field boss kills in party has been confirmed. (Added 12/20) (Fixed 12/21)

◈ Other Info
Few Event Food Recipes and corresponding Collectables is removed.
Removed Recipe: Radiant Honey Tea, Chocolate Candy Stick, Espresso 1 Shot
◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Content Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM on December 22th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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