New Region Scramble <Border Area Central Forest>

2023-12-20 12:58
Hello Adventurers,

This is a detailed information about our New Region Scramble <Border Area Central Forest>.

◈<Border Area Central Forest> Scramble
  • Scramble region competing with Fishing, Gathering & Delivery
  • Scramble Registration Condition has been alleviated for this Scramble region
  • No points can be gained or lost through Monster Kills and PKs

Basic Info

Scramble Schedule: Every Sunday 20:30 ~ 21:00 (UTC +8)
Registration Condition: Guild Level 3 and above
Registration Fee: 500 Guild Coins

Scramble Method
Adventurers can Deliver items dropped from Fishing, Gathering and Golden Goblin kills to Delivery NPC to gather points.
CategoryDelivery Item (Grade)Delivery Point
Fish Pacific Saury (Normal) 10
Halibut (Uncommon) 20
Eel (Rare) 500
Yellowtail Clownfish (Heroic) 5,000
Yellowfin Tuna (Legendary) 10,000
Gatherables Wood (Normal) 50
Advanced Wood (Higher Grade) 500
Superior Wood (Highest Grade) 5,000
Gold Nugget 10,000

※ Gold Nuggets can only be gathered via conditions below.
  • Golden Goblin Kill
  • Golden Gatherables

Scramble Map

1 Starting Point
- General Merchant is located in Starting Point
- Sells identical list of items to General Merchant in Villages
2 Delivery Point

- Adventurers may Deliver items to To-Deliver NPC during Scramble.
1. Display Total point of Delivery (Guild).
2. Display currently owned amount (Character)


Spawned Monster List

  • Golden Goblin Spawns every 5 minutes
  • Gold Nugget is dropped when killed
  • Killing monsters will not drop any Scramble Points

Scramble Rules

1. PKs will not gain or lose any points.
2. Monster kills will not gain any points.
3. Tombstone object will be randomly created on the map.

  • Generated every 5 minutes (300s) randomly on the map
  • Location is displayed on the minimap, and special buff is applied after interaction
  • Buff lasts for 5 minutes

Scramble Reward

  • Reward is given according to Rank
Reward 1
Reward 2
Reward 3
Reward 4
Reward 5
Reward 6
2500 Guild Insignia
Bright Moonlight Fishing Rod Chest (Character) x3
Heroic - Legendary Fish Bundle (Character) x10
Elemental Essence (Character) x10
Uncommon Material Chest (Character) x80
Scramble Gold Pouch (Character) x40
2000 Guild Insignia
Bright Moonlight Fishing Rod Chest (Character) x2
Rare - Heroic Fish Bundle (Character) x10
Elemental Essence (Character) x8
Uncommon Material Chest (Character) x60
Scramble Gold Pouch (Character) x30
1500 Guild Insignia
Bright Moonlight Fishing Rod Chest (Character) x1
Rare - Heroic Fish Bundle (Character) x8
Elemental Essence (Character) x6
Uncommon Material Chest (Character) x40
Scramble Gold Pouch (Character) x20
1000 Guild Insignia
Rare - Heroic Fish Bundle (Character) x6
Elemental Essence (Character) x4
Uncommon Material Chest (Character) x20
Scramble Gold Pouch (Character) x10
500 Guild Insignia
Rare - Heroic Fish Bundle (Character) x4
Elemental Essence (Character) x2
Uncommon Material Chest (Character) x10
Scramble Gold Pouch (Character) x5
  • Moonlight Fishing Rod has an option to decrease Fishing time

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 
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