Scramble Investigation Result

2023-12-01 11:41
Hello Adventurers,
Recently, there has been quite a few reports and inquiries about abusing in Scramble, so we had conducted Game-Wide investigation about Scramble.
As noticed previously, Update on 10/6 (Fri) cointained modification in gathering Scramble points.
This was done by adding point-free time after being PKed in Scramble, so that additional PK will not award points by killing the same Adventurer.
By this, intentinally being PKed between allied Guild is not awarding players significant amount of points that will affect the result of Scramble.
However, like previous investigation, we will be monitoring and be investigating to see if there are any abnormal behaviors and mechanism that willl affect competing contents unfair and affect ranks. If this is found, this is considered to be 'abusing' by gaining abnormal profit and by violating our terms of 'fair gameplay' and will be punished according to our Operation Policy.
Gaining abnormal points between allied Guilds will also be a target of investigation, and if discovered to have gained unfair porfits by this behavior, will also be considered equally as all other abusive behaviors in game.
Additionally, like all other update patch notes and update previews have been noticing, we will be constantly modifying and updating related contents to better stop abusive behaviors and provide fairer environment to all the Adventurers.
Please feel free to reach us by reporting any relevant happenings and inquiries through our Customer Center and Community.
We will try our best to provide enjoyable gaming environment for all Adventurers.
Thank You.
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