December Update Preview

2023-12-01 09:09
Hello Adventurers,
This is Darkgamer KimPD.
First of all, I would like to apologize to all the adventurers for the extended long maintenance that occurred on the past update.
This was an issue that occurred while preparing Server Transfer function, but it is fixed currently, and Server Transfer is up and running.
We will take more care, so that this kind of incident will not happen in the future.
Like I mentioned earlier about the End of Year Update Schedule, Sub-Quest and Craft items were updated on November, and on December, content that many Adventurers have been looking for will be updated, including Armor Shapers. These updates will be happening in two remaining updates this year.
■ Armor Shapes (December 2nd Update)
  • Will be sold through Shop(BM) through Summon Tickets, and Stats will be included.
  • Just like Weapon Shapes, Ones that has already been acquired can be selected regardless of the stats. (Image Change)
  • Excluding BM, Adventurers could acquire them regularly through Gold purchases every week (11 Summons x5, Acquire rate of Heroic or Rare Grade is same with what you can buy through BM, except legendary).

■ Addition of Scramble Region (December 2nd Update)
  • Scramble region which is competed with Fishing, Gathering & Delivery will be added.
■ Field Monsters & Boss Drop Change (December 1st Update)
  • Skill Books and Skill Essences will be available to be acquired in Normal Field.
  • Boss Rare/Heroic equipment can will be available to be acquired in Normal Field in all of Chapter 3~4.
  • Maze Dungeons (eg. Waterfall Cave, Sewer Maze, Bug pit, Turquoise Corridor) Drops will be improved. (Soulstone, Breath Drops increase)
  • Breath will be acquirable in Ice Ruins (F4~5)
  • Boss Drop mechanism will be changed to drop items to Adventurer with Highest participation (1 Adventurer), and Adventurer with Last Hit (1 Adventurer). (December 2nd Update)
■ Scramble Improvement
  • Guild CP Rank will be required to register for Scramble (December 2nd Update)
Ex) Rosheim East Fortress Scramble: Require Guild CP Rank 7 and above, Isias Desert Scramble: Require Guild CP Rank 15 and above.
■ Balance Adjustment
  • Character Base Flinch Ignore Rate will be increased from 1% to 5%
  • Guild Join Cooldown Change: From original 24 hours to sequentially increase according to abandon count. 
(Cooldown resets 30 days after final Guild Abandon)
■ Convenience Improvement
  • Monster Card Preset function will be added.
  • Scan in World Server will display Server number.
  • Damage Rank will be displayed in Nidhogg Raid.
■ Bug Fixes
  • Fixes to miscellaneous bugs.
Thank You.
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