[Notice] Additional Information regarding Emergency Maintenance.

2023-11-23 01:53
Hello Adventurers,

 We are Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer Team.
First of all, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused by long extended maintenance.
We are currently working on restoring all items that were changed from tradeable to Bound, and lost items in the exchange.
This is taking longer than what we have initially thought.
Related Department is now working on restoring these items, and it is estimated to take 1 ~ 2 extra hours.
(Items that were lost through exchange will be restored and will be sent to mail as soon as they are restored, and it will be done sequentially for all Adventurers.)
Due to extended maintenance and the inconvenience this has caused all the adventurers, we are preparing rewards to compensate.
This will be sent through mail that Adventurers could claim when the Servers open.
Additionally, information related to maintenance schedule and reward will be announced through Emergency Maintenance Notice that was already made. 
We are greatly sorry for the late notice and response to the Adventurers due to extended work for recovery.
We promise to provide better service from this experience.
Thank You.
We apologize for all the time that is taking to restore the lost items and fix the bugs.
We are also sorry for not keeping the promise to finish all the work to normalize the game.
Related departments are putting their best effort to recover all the Bound items to its unbound state, but it is taking a lot longer than we have first imagined due to their quantity and variety.
The estimate for this work to be finished is to be 23/11/23 03:00 (UTC +8).
We will be opening our server as soon as recovery process is over.
We again apologize for not being able to keep our promise with fellow Adventurers.
Thank You for your patience.
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