23/11/22 Update Patch Note

2023-12-01 18:40
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 11/22 Regular Maintenance.
◈ Update Details
1. Addition of Server Transfer function
  • 1st Server Transfer Schedule: 23/11/22 After Maintenance ~ 23/12/31 22:59 (UTC +8)
  • 1st Server Transfer Chances (Count): 3 Transfers
        ※Transfers to K11, S4, and A4 Servers are not included in this Server Transfer.
        ※Future Server Transfer schedule and conditions are up to change.
        ※All New Server Advantages(Rewards) are removed, and replaced to a new reward below.

2. Character Creation Limit is unlocked on ALL Servers
  • Character Creation is now open for ALL Servers
  • New Server Reward is now replaced to ALL Server reward (Gift from Darkgamer PD x1, Gift from Darkgamer PD II x1) (Once per account)

3. Improvement and rework on Valhalla
  • Adventurers can now only attack other Adventurers from different Server.
  • Server with more amount of 'Warrior's Remain' will be ranked higher, and 'Valhalla's Blessing' Buff.
  • Individual Adventurers will be rewarded with participation rank in Valhalla Raid.
  • Guild Participation Reward was removed from Valhalla Raid.
      ※ Banquet Hall Ticket is rewarded to individuals by individual Participation Rank.
  • Valhalla's Blessing Buff is additionally applied to Rank 1 Server at Bloodyclaw Raid. 
      ※ Can be nested with other Valhalla's Blessing Buff.
      ※ Bloodyclaw no longer disappers from other channels on first defeat.
  • Valhalla Monster EXP drop was increased.
  • Valhalla Map was Expanded.
  • Valhalla Timetable has been modified.
Timetable Valhalla Time Torido
Maintained until
Previous Every Thursday
20:00 ~ 23:00
20:15/21:15/22:15 20:45/21:45/22:45 21:30 22:30
Changed Every Thursday
20:00 ~ 22:00
20:10/20:30/21:20/21:40 20:20/20:40/21:30/21:50 21:00 21:55

  • Tombstone Buff has been modified, and improved so that buff will not wear out on channel change.

Modified Buff List
Ignore Flinch Effect
Increase Character Size
  • Valhalla Max Adventurer Entrance No. per Server and Channel has been modified

Previous Max Adventurer Entrance 150 Adventurers per Channel
Changed Max Adventurer Entrance
40 Advernturers from each Servers / 120 Adventurers per Channel
4. Change in Exchange Terms of Use
  • Lowered Quest condition to open Exchange Usage
Previous Complete Quest [Main][Chapter 2] 3-19. Come out, come out
Changed Complete Quest [Main][Chapter 2] 1-3. The Chief's Call
  • Exchange Purchase Right Package has to be purchased to activate Exchange Purchase.
      ※ Existing Adventurers with previous purchase record (Any paid packages, or consumed 1000 or more butterflies in Shop) will have Exchange Purchase Right activated automatically.
         ※ Korea server requires ID verification through Mobile verification method additionally for Exchange usage.

5. Skill Balance Adjustments 
  • 'Ignore Flinch Effect' has been added to 'Charge at Target' skills
    • Skill Enhance level 1 ~ 7 : 1s
    • Skill Enhance level 8 : 2s
    • Skill Enhance level 9 : 3s
  • All ATK SPD Decrease and MOV SPD Decrease Effects has been changed to Atrophy Effect.
         ※ Atrophy Effect applies both ATK SPD Decrease and MOV SPD Decrease Effect

Warrior Sword of Valor - Cooldown 12s -> 10s
- [Added] Ignore Flinch Effect
  > gnore Flinch: 1 ~ 3 s Depending on Enhance Level
Destructive Edge - [Added] Ignore Flinch Effect
> Ignore Flinch: 1 ~ 3 s Depending on Enhance Level
Archer Art of Hunting - Block Vision - Cooldown 14s -> 15s
- 'Blind' Duration 2s -> 1s
Inferno - Skill now casted without moving
Slowdown Shot - [Removed] ATK SPD Decrease, MOV SPD Decrease Effect
- [Added] Atrophy Effect Added (Eqal Stats as before)
Mage Share Knowledge - [Removed] MP Consumption Removed
- [Added] Skill Cooldown Decrease Effect
> Up to Enhance Level -1% ~ -5.5% Applied
Frost Hail - [Removed] MOV SPD Decrease Effect
- [Added] Atrophy Effect
> Duration: 4s
> Up to Enhance Level -22%/-42 ~ -40%/-60 Applied
Paladin Flash of Discipline - Cooldown 12s -> 13s
Rend - [Added] Charge at target, Ignore Flinch Effect
> Ignore Flinch: 1 ~ 3 s Depending on Enhance Level
Shield Throw - [Removed] ATK SPD Decrease Effect
- [Added] Atrophy Effect
> Duration: 4s
> Up to Enhance Level -22%/-42 ~ -40%/-60 Applied
Holy Oath - HP Regen
>Increased from 20 ~ 65 -> 35 ~90
Sculptor Sculpture Fencing - Flash Sword Burst - Cooldown 12s -> 10s
- [Added] Ignore Flinch
> Ignore Flinch: 1 ~ 3 s Depending on Enhance Level

6. Addition of Life-content related Craft Items

  • Rare Equipment may be acquired on Great Success
         ※ Options do not change on Grade but Option Stats are changed.
SetUncommon EquipmentRare EquipmentOptionOption Stat by Grade
Craft Set Artisan’s Safety Helmet Master's Safety Helmet Increase Craft Great Success Rate Uncommon: 1.00%
Rare: 2.00%
Artisan’s Work Uniform Master's Work Uniform Increase Craft Success Rate Uncommon: 0.50%
Rare: 1.00%
Artisan’s Safety Gloves Master's Safety Gloves Increase Craft Great Success Rate Uncommon: 1.00%
Rare: 2.00%
Adept Artisan’s Ring Delicate Artisan’s Ring Increase Craft Success Rate Uncommon: 0.50%
Rare: 1.00%
Gather Set Exquisite Leaf Helmet Delicate Leaf Helmet Increase Gather Speed Uncommon: 5%
Rare: 10%
Exquisite Leaf Armor Delicate Leaf Armor Additional Gather Material Chance Uncommon: 2%
Rare: 4%
Exquisite Leaf Gloves Delicate Leaf Gloves Increase Gather Speed Uncommon: 5%
Rare: 10%
Shiny Prosperity Earrings Dazzling Prosperity Earrings Additional Gather Material Chance Uncommon: 2%
Rare: 4%
Fishing Set Fancy Aqua Helmet Glowing Aqua Helmet Bonus Item Grade Drop Chance while Fishing Item Grade Chance
Uncommon: Heroic +5%
Rare: Legendary +5%
Fancy Aqua Armor Glowing Aqua Armor Increase Casting Speed Uncommon: 2%
Rare: 4%
Fancy Aqua Gloves Glowing Aqua Gloves Bonus Item Grade Drop Chance while Fishing Item Grade Chance

Uncommon: Heroic +5%
Rare: Legendary +5%
Fancy Aqua Necklace Glowing Aqua Necklace Increase Casting Speed Uncommon: 2%
Rare: 4%

7. Addition of 
Function to declare Guild Mutual Hostality 
  • Mutual Hostility is applied if it is declared.
  • If Hostility is applied on both sides (mutually), PK penalties are removed.
  • Mutual Hostility can only be undeclared if both Guilds agree.

8. Addition of Relic related Achievements. (All Adventureres who already achieved this will receive automatic completion)
  • Achievements related to Unique Grade Relic Enhancement (Enhance level 6 ~ 11) has been added.

9. Addition of Collection Book Items
  • New Collection Book Items sold by Rarity Merchant NPC has been added

Currency Item Price
Kingdom Token Swamp Plunderer Weapons
(All Weapon Types)
2000 Per Weapon
Guild Insignia Swamp Plunderer Armor Piecces
(Armor, Helmet, Glove, Cloak)
1500 per Armor Piece
Order Accomplishment Swamp Plunderer Accessories
(Necklace, Earring, Ring)
3000 per Accessory

10. Addition of Cursed Enhance Scroll 
  • Cursed Enhance Scroll allows reducing the Enhance level. (100% Success rate, Equipment not destroyed)
Item Effect
Cursed Weapon Enhance Scroll Enhance Level - 1
On Success
Cursed Armor Enhance Scroll
Cursed Accessory Enhance Scroll
Cursed Relic Enhance Scroll

11. Addition of Sub-Quest
  • Sub Quest for Adventurers who have entered Chapter 3 and above has been added.
  • Major Region: Serraborg Castle, Baran, Land of the Forgotten Kingdom, Border Area, Green Plains, Fogged Land, Northern Border, Bug Grave, Dark Elf Castle, Evil God's Temple.

12. Lowered Max Adventurer Population in Spiren's Night
  • Max Adventurer has been lowered to 100.
  • 'Nidhogg' HP has been lowered by 20%

13. Addition of World Dungeon Boss Monsters to Timetable
  • World Dungeon Boss Spawn can be checked at Timetable.

14. Addition of Guild Note function
  • Adventurers can now leave short notes on Manage Guild - Manage Guild Members.

◈ Improvements
1. Improved Marias's Cave
  • Weekly Free Usage Hours (8H) can be used both at Marias's Cave, and World Marias's Cave
  • Increased EXP Drop in Marias's Cave Floor 4 ~ 6, World Marias's Cave Floor 1 ~ 2.
  • Monster Levl has been modified in Marias's Cave Floor 4 ~ 6, World Marias's Cave Floor 1 ~ 2.
2. Improved Monster Spawn
  • Increased Monster Spawn rate (Spiren's Night, Valhalla, Guild Hunting Grounds, Sewer Maze, Waterfall Cave, Bug Pit, Turquoise Corridor)
3. Improvement to Harmonious Enhance Scroll 
  • Check separate Notice for details (Link)
4. Improved Arena Function
  • Auto Progress Setting has been added to Arena.
  • Can choose between Auto Progress and Stop on Defeat.
  • Result of Auto Progress can be checkd on the field.
  • If stopped, result of auto progress is displayed on result UI.
  • Auto play option has been added to 'Auto-hunt after exiting Arena'
5. Improvement to Items with high Enhance level
  • Equipment with Enhance level 7 and higher will gain more ATK or DEF.
  • Heroic Grade Accessories with Enhance level 3 or higher will gain more stats than Rare Grade Accessories.
6. Condensed HP Potion in Common Storage
  • Adventurers can now store Condensed HP Potions in Common Storage.
7. Addition of Claim All function to [Shop] - [Storage]
  • Function to claim all purchased product has been added.
8. Improvement to Membership
  • Membership Buff has been added
  • Casting time of Fishing Skill - 5%, Gather SPD + 5%
◈ Bug Fixes
1. Fixed Purchse Failure in World Field.
  • An issue where payments failed in World Field while using specific devices has been fixed.
2. Fixed Tiras Card being acquired Character Bound
  • Tiras Card is now exchangeable (Unbound).
  • All existing Tiras Cards are also changed to be Unbound.
3. Fixed Spiren's Night Codex Monster Cards being acquired Unbound
  • (Comodo Commander, Commodo King Card) Spiren's Night Codex Monster Cards are now acquired Character Bound. 
4. Fixed PC Version Payment
  • Fixed an issue where 'Invalid Purchase Info' Pop-up showing after reconnecting while making In-App Purchase.
5. Fixed Teleport Scroll related Bug in Scramble
  • Fixed an issue where Characters get stuck if Teleport Scroll is used in Scramble.
◈ Other Notices
  • [Land of Rifts] Free Usage Hour is reset after 11/22 Regular Maintenance.

◈ Known Bugs
  • An issue where item claim animation is played when 'Claim All' is used and Bag is full. Item will not be claimed.
  • An issue where Marias's Cave Usage Hours resetting after using  'Magical Hourglass' item in World Marias's Cave. (Added 11/23) (Fixed 11/24)
  • An issue where Game will force shutdown after displaying 'In-App Purchase' related message in PC Version. (Added 11/27) (Fixed 11/28)
  • An issue where Rank is not displayed correctly in World Server (Added 11/28)
  • An issue where [Manage Guild] - [Manage Join Method] Button is being displayed and functioning as [Leave Memo] Button (Added 12/01)
◈ Maintenance Reward
Maintenance Reward Included Items Amount

Gold Luck Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM on November 24th (Fri). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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