Package Price Error Compensation

2023-11-17 18:55
Hello, Adventurers.
This is Moonlight Sculptor:Darkgamer Team.
There was a incident in Korean PC payment system for a wrong Package price, and we are really sorry for this happening.
On 11/15 (Wed), Package was sold with wrong pricing on PC payment (Korean Currency).
All Adventurers who have bought this Package has been withdrawn to what we can withdraw, after investigation.
However, some items like Summon Tickets were already consumed, and was fused with existing Buddies/Weapon Shapes, and is difficult to be withdrawn, so we decided not to withdraw this.
For Compensation, We decided to distribute extra 'Mysterious 11 Summon Selection Chest'.
For Detailed Compensation Plan, please refer to information below.
Compensation Target
: All Adventurers who have purchased[Skill Essence Limited Package Ⅲ] with Correct Price.
(Every Adventurers who have purchased this package till sales end at 2023/11/21 will also receive this compensation)
Compensation Detail
: '6 Mysterious 11 Summon Selection Chest' per purchase (eg. 30 if 5 packages are bought)
Distribution Schedule
: 23/11/22(Wed) After Maintenance  
We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience that has occurred,
and will try our best to provide quality game environement.
 Thank You.
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