November Update & Improvement Preview

2023-11-14 16:59
Hello Adventurers,
This is notice on upcoming update and improvements plans on November Content Update Patch.
※ Content Update is scheduled next week, and detailed schedule will be posted on a separate Notice.
※ Improvements can be added or modified on actual Update.
※ Event related information will be posted on separate Notice.
November Update Preview
*Update Schedule will be posted on separate Notice.
*Update Schedule and details can be modified on circumstances.
01. Addition of [Server Transfer] & Character Creation Unlock
Server Transfer system to transfer characters to other servers will be updated.
Character Creation lock that is put to ALL servers will be unlocked with this update.
Adventurers from K11 하비, A4 Hermod, S4 卡倫 will receive Free Server Transfer Ticket with Event as noticed.
- Event Period: 23/11/22 (Wed) ~ 23/12/31 (Sun)
- Target Server: K11 하비, A4 Hermod, S4 卡倫
- Requirement: Defeat Sealed Tyrant Anubis
※ Adventurers who do not wish to transfer can exchange the ticket to Mysterious 11 Summon Selection Chest.
※ Transferrable Servers can change from time to time depending on Server Population or Saturation.
※ If there are existing characters on the server you wish to transfer to, the existing character and all currencies in the character will be lost.
02. Improvements to PVP Battlefield [Valhalla]

Valhalla is reworked to better serve the content purpose of 'Cross-Server Combat'. For this, PK is only available between Adventurers from different Servers.
※ Hostility declared between Guilds are ignored, and Adventurers from same servers cannot be targeted.
Valhalla ranks now will depend on number of accumulated [Warrior Remains], not [Kill/Death].
For better playing experience, maximum number of Adventurers per server and per channel will be adjusted, with expansion of the map.
To better fit the Cross-Server Combat concept, Bloodyclaw raid Rank is changed from Guild accumulated participation to Server accumulated participation.
All Channels will now get a chance to gain rewards from defeating Bloodyclaw instead of the first channel to defeat it.
※ Buff/Item/EXP drop will also be modified with this change.

Tombstone buffs will be improved greatly for more strategic play of Valhalla, and play time will be changed to following.
- Previous : Every Thursday 20:00 ~ 23:00 (UTC +8, 3 Hours)
- After : Every Thursday 20:00 ~ 22:00 (UTC +8, 2 Hours)
EXP drops in Valhalla will also be increased greatly.
03. Addition of New [Sub-Quest]

Different stories of Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer, [Sub-Quest] will be added.
Sub-Quest will be open to Adventurers who have completed Chapter 3 of the Main Quest.
Experience various stories of Darkgamer as well as EXP, Items and Special Titles rewards.
04. Improvements to Weekly Dungeon [Marias's Cave]
Marias's Cave will be improved to be more attractive to Adventurers.
Difficulty of 4F and above will be lowered by lowering Monster levels and stats, with increase in EXP drops.
Additionally, [World Marias's Cave] will be added.
World Marias's Cave consists of 2 Floors, and shares the Free 8 Hours/Week of usage time with existing Marias's Cave.
※ World Marias's Cave Usage hours can only be recharged with separate Hourglass item dedicated to World Marias's Cave (Shiny Magic Hourglass).
05. Improvements to World Field [Spiren's Night]
Monster spawn in Spiren's Night will be increased.
With this, to lower the complexity and satuaration of the field, maximum number of Adventurers per channel will be lowered from 150 to 100.
To lower the burden of Boss Raid with fewer Adventurers per channel, Nidhogg's Max HP will also be decreased.
06. Balance Adjustments
With the play-stats that is built in game, Skill Balance will be adjusted.
Details about this will be explained in the Update Patch Note after Maintenance.
07. Arena Improvements
For convenience, Arena auto-progress function will be added.
Option to continue auto-hunting in field after Auto-Arena will also be added.
08. Enhance Scroll Improvements
[Blessed Scrolls] item will be improved to apply differently depending on Enhance level.
[Cursed Scroll] will be added to lower the enhance level.
 Detailed info may be viewed here.
09. Addition of new Craft Items.
New life-content equipment will be added to Craft.
New equipment will have life-related options.
Improvements List
*Improvement List only consists of 1st priority works that are being worked in the Dev. Team.
  • Addition of New Rarity exchange Equipment to Collection Book
  • Addition of Mutual Hostility visibility when mutual hostility is declared
  • Addition of function to require Both Guild's permission to remove hostility from mutual hostile Guilds
  • Addition of Achievement regarding Relic enhance levels (Include Adventurers who have already achieved this)
  • Improvements to Membership product
  • Improvements to store Condensed HP Potion to Common Storage
  • Addition of function to 'Receive All' from [Shop] - [Storage]
  • Addition of shortcuts and Timetable to Bosses in Sewer Maze, Waterfall Cave, and Turquoise Corridor
  • Addition of functions to put small status notes in Guild UI

We will try our best to provide the best experience to Adventurers.
Thank You.

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