23/11/08 Update Patch Note (Added 01/03)

2023-11-21 17:52
Hello Adventurers,
This is detailed Update Patch Note for 11/08 Maintenance.
◈ Update Details

Mileage Bonus for previous payments

1. Addition of PC version In-App Purchase function
  • Complete Quest [Main][Chapter 1] 1-22. Rediness 2 to use PC version In-App Purchase.
  • Mileage Double Event for PC purchases (~23/12/31 UTC +8, 22:59 24/01/10 Before Maintenance (Added 01/03), 150% Mileage compared to Mobile Payment applied afterward)(Added 11/08)
  • PC Version Purchase is only available through Chrome Web Browser
    • If Chrome Web Browser is not installed on the PC, In-App Purchase UI will not Pop-up.
    • If PC version game client is shut down while making a purchase, 'Invalid purchase info' pop-up will be shown, but Item will still be given out through storage.
    • Few payment method was found to have issue generating a pop-up to complete a payment (Added 11/08)(Resolved)
2. Monster Card Balance Adjustments
  • Several Monster Card Stats were adjusted.
Card NameChanges
Coyote Card EVD Buff
Kamosha Card Final DMG Buff, Max HP Addition
Tiras Card Final DMG decrease Buff, RES to Blind Addition
Arkrasha Card Hard Hit DMG Buff
Bee Card Sculpture Fencing - Strike DMG Buff
Elk Card Sculpture Fencing - Flash Sword Burst DMG Buff
Fairy Card Flash Thrust DMG Buff
Dullahan Card Sword of Valor DMG Buff
Lindworm Card Hammer of Punishment DMG Buff
Behemoth Card Mace of Judgment DMG Buff
Satyr Card Magic Arrow DMG Buff
Forest Spirit Card Fireball DMG Buff
Beetle Card Enhanced Arrow DMG Buff
Ghost Card Scatter Shot DMG Buff
3. Hot-time Event for 'Marias's Cave' (~11/22)
  • EXP Drop + 100%, Extra Item Drop +5%
4. Field Monster Balance Adjustments (After Chapter 3)
  • Chapter 3 ~ Chapter 4 Monster Level was lowered.
◈ Improvements
1. Improved Spiren's Night Monster Level, Stats, Reward EXP Drop
  • Lowered Lv/Stats for few Monsters.
  • Increased EXP Drop for few Monsters.
2. Improved Scan Function
  • Scan Option for Other Server Adventurers has been added
  • Scan Option for Guild Members/Allied Guild Members has been added
  • Scan now does not include Outlaw Allied Guild Members
3. Content Timetable Improvement
  • Timetable now shows Valhalla and Scramble
4. Hostile Guild Declaration Message Color Improvement
  • Improved visibility of Hostility Declaration Message
5. 'Apply for Guild Leader' Button Improvement
  • Improved visibility of the button by locating it in [Manage Guild] - [Manage Guild Members]
6. Improvement in possession effect (Buddy/Weapon Shape)
  • Improved visibility in the possession effect status UI
7. Archer Class Visual Effect Improvement
  • Improved Normal Attack effect of Archer class
8. Guild Mission Count Improvement
  • Abandoning Guild Mission no longer deduce daily mission count
9. Power Save Mode Improvement
  • Improved acquired item list not dispappearing after turning off Power-save mode
10. Map Geography Improvement
  • Improved few fields not corresponding to the map
◈ Bug Fixes
1. Fixed Quest Notification (Exclamation Mark) Disappearing
  • Fixed Quest Notification (Exclamation Mark) disappearing in some situation
2. Fixed shortcut keys in NPC shops
  • Fixed shorcut keys not functioning while interacting with Merchants
3. Fixed Chat UI appearing while pressing enter while interacting with Merchants in PC version
  • Fixed an issue where Chat UI appears when typing in amounts while interating with Merchants in PC version
4. Fixed non-number characters typed in Amounts in PC version
  • Fixed an issue where non-number characters can be typed when typing in amounts  in PC version
5. Fixed Traditional Chinese in Tutorial
  • Fixed Typos in Tutorial
6. Fixed Dimmed Items in Collection Book and Acquirable items
  • Fixed an issue where other Class items are Dimmed out visually in various situations
7. Fixed Monsters getting stuck in 'Silent Dark Citadel'
  • Fixed Monsters getting stuck in Silent Dark Citadel and being immortal
8. Fixed Treasure Chest Drop in Valhalla
  • Fixed an issue where Treasure Chests do not drop craft materials in Vahalla
9. Fixed +0 Medusa Card Cooldown Display in Enhance
  • Fixed +0 Medusa Card cooldown not being displayed in Enhance Tab
10. Fixed ESC key function
  • Fixed an issue where ESC key closes all pop-ups in some circumstances
11. Fixed Northern Border Map
  • Fixed Northern Border map being cut in few locations
12. Fixed Auto-hunting in Marias's Cave
  • Fixed Auto-hunting stopping in Marias's Cave 4th Floor
13. Fixed visibility error in Hidden Goblin Canyon
  • Fixed Helmets are not displaying on Hidden Goblin Canyon
14. Fixed Dismantle not giving equivalent materials
  • Fixed same grade items not giving equivalent materials in Dismantle

15. Fixed Spiren's Courtyard, Spiren's Night Fountain
  • Fixed Spiren's Courtyard, Spiren's Night Fountain being displayed abnormally
◈ Other Notices
◈ Maintenance Reward
Basic Maintenance Reward Included Items Amount
Gold Fortune Pouch 10
Hourglass Selection Chest 1
Maintenance Reward will be sent to the mailbox of adventurers who log-in after the maintenance is completed until 10:59 PM on November 10th (Friday). One compensation reward per account.
We will do our best to provide an enjoyable adventure for adventurers.
Thank you.
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