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2023-11-06 16:35
This is Darkgamer Game Guide.
You may check detailed explanation below.

※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version.
Land of Rifts 

※ You can acces the Dungeon Menu through [Menu] - [Dungeon] .
  To activate and access the dungeon

Dungeon Menu Activation Requirement. 

No. Category Activation Requirement
1 Crimson Temple
Complete Quest [Main][Chapter 1] 4-9
2 Ice Ruins Complete Quest [Main][Chapter 1] 5-1
3 Marias's Cave Complete Quest [Main][Chapter 1] 1-2

 Select Dungeon

No. Category Details
1 Content Name Dungeon content information can be accessed here.
  1. Land of Rifts - A dungeon content that consumes time(hourglass) to use
  2. Twisted Abyss - A party dungeon content that can be played with party members
  3. World Dungeon - A world server content where you can meet users from other servers
2 Dungeon Category You can check the Types of Dungeons available:
  1. Crimson Temple - A daily one-hour gold/experience Dungeon (reset at 05:00 daily)
  2. Ice Ruins - A daily one-hour enhancement scroll Dungeon (reset at 05:00 daily)
  3. Maria's Cave - A weekly eight-hour Dungeon (reset on Mondays at 05:00)
3 PVP Type Safe - You cannot attack other players.
Free - A region with optional PK enabled.
Dispute - A PK zone.
  • When PKing, Outlaw penalties apply
4 Reset Time You can check the reset times for free usage hours.
5 Usage Hours Free Usage Hours - Shows the remaining free usage time.
Usage Hours - Displays the remaining extended usage time.
6 Available Reward You can view Dungeon Reward information..


No. Category Details
1 Difficulty You can check the Dungeon Floor and Level Restrictions.
To enter Marias's Cave, your combat power must be higher than the recommended combat power.
2 Detailed Info. You can check detailed dungeon information.
You can check information about the monsters that appear.
You can check information about the rewards you can obtain.
3 Usage Hours Free Usage Time - the remaining free usage time.
Usage Time - the remaining extended usage time.
You can check the number of items you have for extending your time.
4 Extend Usage Hours You can extend the Dungeon usage time.
5 Enter Dungeon You can enter the Dungeon.

 Dungeon Usage

 Usage Hours 

  1. When using free usage time, the remaining time is displayed in orange color.
  2. When using extended time with items, the remaining time is displayed in white color.
  3. If you die inside the Dungeon, the remaining time is displayed in red color, and the usage time does not decrease until resurrection.

  • You will be expelled from the Dungeon when your time expires.
  • You will be transported to the last area you were in before entering the Dungeon.

 Extend Dungeon Usage Hours 

  1. Extension through Dungeon UI
  2. Extension through the Dungeon interior extension button
  3. Extension through using inventory items
Twisted Abyss 

※ You can enter through [Menu] - [Dungeon] - [Twisted Abyss] Banner.
※ Preceding Quests
  • [Main][Chapter 2] 2-1. Deep and Desolate Ravine


No. Category Details
1 Content Name You can enter through [Menu] - [Dungeon] - [Twisted Abyss] Banner.
2 Dungeon Types Dungeon Type can be checked.
3 Dungeon Info You can enter with party members, and the recommended number of players is 4.
All party members must have entry passes to enter.
4 Monster/Reward Info Users with Outlaw Reputation cannot enter the Twisted Abyss dungeon.
You can check detailed dungeon information.
You can check the information of monsters that appear.
You can check the obtainable rewards.
5 입장 횟수 Free Entry Count:
  • You can obtain 3 free entry counts every week.
  • It resets to 3 counts every Monday at 5 AM.
Additional Entry Count:
  • You can obtain additional entry counts through items to enter the dungeon.
  • When you receive rewards for clearing the dungeon, entry counts are deducted.
  • Users who are offline cannot receive rewards.


  1. You can use the "Find Party" button for automatic matchmaking. When a 4-player match is completed, you can enter by confirming in the entry approval popup.
  2. You can manually enter the Dungeon by using the "Enter Dungeon" button while in a party, and you can start even if there are fewer than 4 members.



  • Find and defeat the Dungeon Boss  to receive Reward.
  • Entrance count is deducted when Reward is received.
  • Disconnected Adventurers cannot claim rewards.

World Dungeon 

※ You can enter through [Menu] - [Dungeon] - [World Dungeon] Banner.
※ Preceding Quests
  • [Main][Chapter 2] 4-1. Merv's Informant


You can meet various Adventurers from different servers.


  • Field and Raid Bosses are spawned in this region.
  • There is no time limit.
  • There are Sculpture Recipes, Monster Cards, Fishes, and Relic specific to Spiren's Courtyard.

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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