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2023-11-02 15:50
This is Darkgamer Game Guide. 
You may check detailed explanation below. 

※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version.

Weapons, Armors, Sculptures, etc
can be crafted in Craft

 Open Craft UI

Craft UI can be opened by clicking [Menu] - [Craft].

 Crafting Method

No. Category Details
1 Craft List Select an Item to Craft
2 Craft Quantity and Craft Button Select the quantity and press Craft to start the process
3 Craft Info Display result of the Craft, Craft EXP, Great Success rate, etc
4 Craft Materials Display the materials needed for Craft

 Craft Result

Status Details
Great Success
There is chance to Great Success in Craft
In Great Success, you can acquire unbound item or twice the result.
Success Successfully acquire target Craft item.
Fail Fail to acquire target Craft item, but receive part of the Materials used for Craft.
 Craft EXP & Level

You can acquire Craft Exp in every Craft. If target Craft Exp is reached, you can increase Craft Level.

No. Category Details
1 Craft Level & EXP
Display Craft Level and current Craft EXP 
2 Locked Sculpture Sculptures are unlocked with Craft Level

Great Success Rate

(Sculpture: Fine, Superb grade)

Increase in Craft Level increases Great Success rate.

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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