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2023-11-07 17:46
This is Darkgamer Game Guide.  
You may check detailed explanation below. 

※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version. 

Valhalla is World-wide PVP content that can be enjoyed every thursday from 20:00~23:00 (UTC+8).


You may acces Valhalla through Valhalla icon in HUD, and through [Menu] - [Valhalla].

  Valhalla Screen

- Valhalla opens at the same time in all Regions.
  • KR - 20:00 ~ 23:00 (UTC+9)
  • TW/Global - 20:00 ~ 22:00 (UTC+8)

- Unlock Content Requirement
  • Complete [Main][Chapter 3] 1-1.
  • Req. Lv : Lv.40
  • Req. CP : 30,000

 Valhalla schedule
1. Schedule/Special Monster Spawn
Category Detail
Day Thursday
Time 20:00 ~ 22:00
Bloodyclaw Spawn 21:00 ~ 21:55
Torido Spawn 01:10 / 20:30 / 21:20 / 21:40
Geirskogul Spawn 20:20 / 20:40 / 21:30 / 21:50

2. Valhalla Entrance Limit
Category No.  of Adventurers
Maximum Adventurers from per Server 40
Maximum Adventurers per Channel 120

 Raid Rank/Reward

- Bloodyclaw spawns at the middle at 21:00 in all channels.
- Participation rank is based on the Server Summation of Participation from Adventurers that defeated Bloodyclaw.
- Rank 1 Server is granted 8 hours of Valhalla's Blessing Buff. (10% Bonus EXP, MP regen +5, HP regen +10)
   ※ Bloodyclaws do not disappear even if one channel defeats it.

1. Server Based Rank/Reward
- Rank is now based on Summation of 'Warrior's Remains' gained by Adventurers from the same Server.
- Rank 1 Server is Granted 'Grace of Valhalla' Buff.
 ※ This Buff can be nested with 'Valhalla's Blessing' Buff

2. Individual Participation Rank/Reward
- Individual Adventurers are rewarded with thier individual participation rank as well.
 ※ Banquet Ticket previously gained with Guild Participation Summation, is now changed to be acquired through Individual Participation Rank.
 Bloodyclaw's Banquet

※ Banquet Hall Ticket

※ Bloodyclaw's Banquet

※ Bloodyclaw's Banquet Region Info

 Valhalla Rules

1. [Dispute] Bloodyclaw's Hideout is always PVP available.

2. PK penalties do not apply.

3. Exp reduction with death do not apply.
   - Death from Monsters apply EXP reduction.
PVP availability Same Server Different Server
Enemy Adventurer Can't Attack Can Attack
Party Member Can't Attack Can Attack
Guild Member Can't Attack Can Attack
Ally Guild Can't Attack Can Attack
Hostile Guild Can't Attack Can Attack

Monster Elimination
   - All monsters may drop Warrior's Remain (according to drop rate)

Character elimination
   - All Characters may drop Warrior's Remain (according to drop rate)
    Highest participation adventurer will obtain the drop.
   ※ Adventurers with recent death will not drop Warriors Remain for certain period of time.

Treasure Chest / Tombstone's Blessing
 6-1. Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Drops:
Banquet Hall Ticket
Quartzite (Character)
Magnite (Character)
Soulstone (Character)
Mana Essence (Character)
Elemental Essence (Character)
Power Shard (Character)
Arpen Weapon Design Piece (Character)
Arpen Armor Design Piece (Character)
Arpen Accessory Design Piece (Character)
Silver Ingot (Character)
Gold Ingot (Character)
   - Randomly spawned in all areas, and adventurers may interact to the chests to obtain rewards.
   - 5 ~ 15 Warrior's Reamains are rewarded, and has a low chance of giving precious items.

 6-2. Tombstone's Blessing

Types of Buff
Ignore Flinch
Increased Character Size
   - Interact with Tombstone to randomly acquire 8 different types of powerful Buff (can be stacked).
   - Eliminate a Adventurer with Tombstone's Blessing to steal the Buff applied to the Adventurer.

 Valhalla Shop

- Warrior Remains can be exchanged to various items in Valhalla Shop.
Item Req. Warrior's Remain Purchase Limit

Goth's Gaze Greatsword
10,000 -

Goth's Gaze Sword
10,000 -

Goth's Gaze Bow
10,000 -

Goth's Gaze Staff
10,000 -

Goth's Gaze Chisel
10,000 -

Goth's Gaze Ring
15,000 -

Goth's Gaze Necklace
15,000 -

Goth's Gaze Earrings
15,000 -

Craft Recipe - Frost Imp Sculpture
4,000 1 per Character

Craft Recipe - Bloodyclaw Sculpture
4,000 1 per Character

Craft Recipe - Geirskogul Sculpture
4,000 1 per Character

Craft Recipe - Torido Sculpture
4,000 1 per Character

Elemental Essence (Character)
500 1 per Week

Bloodyclaw Card (Character)
45,000  -

Torido Card (Character)
15,000  -

Geirskogul Card (Character)
15,000  -

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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