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2023-11-07 16:31
This is Darkgamer Game Guide.  
You may check detailed explanation below. 

※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version. 

 Party Invite

"It's a system where you can form parties with other players to increase hunting efficiency.
You can switch to the Party menu by pressing the Party button in the upper-right corner of the HUD, and you can send party invitations and manage your party from there.

No. Title Description
1 Party HUD Button Displays Party HUD.
2 Party Invite Button You can invite the user you want to your Party by entering their nickname

  Party Join

When another user invites you to their Party, a Party invitation message will pop up on the upper right HUD.
You can join the invited user's Party by pressing the Confirm button.
If you press the Cancel button or if the time limit expires, the Party invitation will be automatically declined.

 Party Function

No. Title Description
1 Change PL Delegates the role of Party Leader to the specified user. Only the current Party Leader can do this.
2 Ban Removes the specified user from the Party. Only the Party Leader can do this.
3 Targetting Sets the Party members to automatically attack the same target as the specified user.
4 Leave Party Leaves the current Party.

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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