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2023-11-07 15:55
This is Darkgamer Game Guide.
You may check detailed explanation below.

※ Moonlight Sculptor: Darkgamer can be played on both Mobile and PC, This guide is based on PC Version.

You may create or join a Guild.

 To begin Guild activities

In order to join/create Guild. You must comply to all the conditions below.
  • Complete Quest [Main][Chapter 1] 3-23, Hero of Serraborg.

No. Category Details
1 Create Guild Display Create Guild menu.
2 Join Guild Display Join Guild menu.
  Create Guild

No. Category Details
1 Guild Mark Select a Guild Mark of your choice.
※ It can be modified after the Guild is created.
2 Guild Name, Intro Enter Guild Name and Guild Intro of your choice.
※ It can be modified after the Guild is created.
3 Guild Intro Tags Select Tags that best describes the Guild.
※ You can select maximum of 3 tags.
※ It can be modified after the Guild is created
4 Join Method Select Guild join method.
※ It can be modified after the Guild is created

 Guild Info

No. Category Details
1 Basic Info Displays Guild Name, Level, etc.
You can modify Guild Name/Guild Mark etc through 'Change Guild Info'.
Click on Guild Buff to check the details of Guild Buff.
You can use 'Guild Hideout' from Guild Level 2.
2 Intro & Notice Displays Intro and Notice.
Click on 'Change' to modify.
3 Guild Relations Shows lists of 'Allies' Guilds and 'Hostiles' Guilds.
4 Donate Donation is rest daily 00:00 [UTC+8]
You can donate Gold/Butterfly to receive reward.

 Manage Guild

No. Category Details
1 Manage Guild Members Display every members of the Guild.
2 Sort Sort Guild Members with categories.
3 Guild Member Detail Display details of Guild Members.
4 Disband Function to disband a guild.
※ Only Leader can disband a Guild.

 Managing Join Request

No. Category Details
1 Join Request Manage Guild Join Requests.
If there is a requester, Notification Icon will be shown.
2 Requester's Info Display Requester's Info.
Guild members with authorities can accept or deny.
3 Manage Join Method Button to select Guild Join method.
Either Instant Join or Request to Join can be selected.
4 Guild Invite Function to Invite an adventurer with no guild.

 Manage Guild > Etc

No. Category Details
1 Hostiles / Allies Guild Display list of Hostiles / Allies Guilds.
2 Guild History Display a history of guild actions like donations and rewards.
3 Declare Hostility / Ally Request Set Hostile / Ally Guild.

 Guild Content > Guild Raid

No. Category Details
1 Guild Raid Guild Raid.
Free entry resets at 00:00 [UTC+8].
2 Guild Raid List Display list of Guild Raids.
Guild Raid opens up with higher Guild Level.
3 Guild Raid Info Display Guild Raid entry limit, rewards, etc.
4 Guild Raid Condition Display available Guild Raid Entries.

 Guild Hunting Grounds

No. Category Details
1 Guild Hunting
Button to enter Guild Hunting Grounds.
Available from Guild Level 3.
Free entrance time resets daily at 05:00.
2 Guild Hunting
Grounds List
Display list of Hunting Grounds available.
3 Info Display info of selected Hunting Grounds.
Entrance to dungeon is available with lower CP than recommended.

 Guild Mission

No. Category Details
1 Mission List Display list of available Guild Missions.
Available list of Missions increase with Guild Level.
2 Mission Detail Display Guild Mission Details.
3 Mission Performance Display available Guild Mission count.
1 Mission can be accomplished per day.

 Guild Storage

No. Category Details
1 Guild Member List Display list of members available to be rewarded.
Only displayed when rewarding is available.
2 Guild Storage Display list of guild reward items.
Rewarding periods are set for each item, and expired items cannot be rewarded.
Only Guild Leader can give out rewards.

 Find Guild

No. Category Details
1 Guild List Display list of Guild.
2 Seach Seach for Guild according to Name.

※ This guide was produced under test environment. 
※ Impersonating Character Name used in the guide can lead to account sanction. 

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